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December 24, 2012

omg cinnamon bun madness

cinnamon buns

This would make for a lovely start to Christmas morning!

First off I got to use the Proof function on my new convection oven, which made this recipe a real treat, but the sweet dough itself was to die for! It was so very lovely to work with, dreamy in fact. I found the recipe through Chef Michael Smith (whom I really do admire for focusing on local Canadian seasonal food often), My daughter requested  we make cinnamon buns and as I have no go to recipe I hit the net, when I found Michael Smiths recipe I knew I could trust it, he has a way about his cooking I really resonant with, I love how he cooks with his nose and without stuffy measurements.

Anyway I didn’t make any changes (which is soooo unlike me) I only added a slathering of maple cream cheese frosting on the warmed soft and perfectly baked buns. Did I say how delightful this dough was already? the initial rise was huge, after a punching and re rising it really started to shine, then after forming and sheeting the buns and a 2 hour proofing in the oven the buns were huge and almost marshmallowy.

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