fish cakes

fish cake mix

We were gifted some lovely fresh lake fish yesterday, and after a town day spent perusing cook book after cook book I was inspired to make fish cakes, with a bit of an Asian kick. I don’t buy a lot of cook books in fact even if I own them I rarely read them, although I do enjoy some good internet food porn almost daily, but today I decided to spend a whopping $12 on a food magazine (I know crazy right) but this new quarterly called Lucky Peach just called to me… the articles are written by chefs I adore, like Anothony Bordain and even Fuchsia Dunlop (whom I have spent many a  night dreaming of schzeuan peppers and dan dan noodles after read her inspiring book), the mag is stunning and artsy and thick and lush without a million tacky ads, but the ad I did find was from my chef / knife aficienato and proviyer bud Kevin of Knifeware, home to the rest of my hand forged japanese knife collection / obsession… love the mag, love my knifes (here the first one I fell for), and love my evening inspiration.. but now I am totally off track here, expect maybe that the flavors of asian are again calling to me tonight!

These golden potato pillows of fish were seasoned with chili, cilantro, lemon and  perfectly seared dolly varden trout, these little fish cakes were dreamy, I served them atop a bed of sesame roasted rice noodles gently laced with the last of our garden fresh red cabbage and some bok choy and onions. These fish cakes may read a little involved but actually took pretty little effort, here is how they all came together:

Start by boiling about 12 smallish potatoes


In a hot cast iron pan with a hearty glug of oil sear off 2 fillets of trout seasoned with S+P

until golden on both sides (a couple minutes). This is where it may take some effort to keep from eating the glistening brown bits of golden fried fish.

Then in a large bowl gently combine using a manual masher:

Fork tender boiled potatoes pieces (about 4-6 cups worth, strained)

2 golden fried fillets of fresh lake fish

2 farm fresh eggs

2 tbsp organic corn starch


a handful of cilantro chopped

a handful of green onions chopped

2 cloves of garlic finely minced

1 tbsp grated ginger

1/3 of a hot pepper finely chopped

pinch hot chili flakes

Once combined portion into desired cake size and pan fry in hot olive oil until deep golden on both sides, serve with something lovely and maybe a dash of hot chili dipping sauce then enjoy immensely.

yum, fish eating at it’s finest.

fish cakes


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  1. Those sound so delicious!!

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