turkey crouquettes

burwell recipe swap

Burwell General Store : Vintage Recipe Swap time again!

This months swap was chicken pancakes… hmmm. Always a scary surprise opening up these old cookbook treasures.

The original recipe is this… pulled chicken pan fried in pancake dough, My mind immediately went to chicken and waffles, and then it leapt into the world of chicken croquettes. I opted to make turkey croquettes (as I had ground happy turkey in my freezer, and not chicken) and as a tribute to the pancake, I made a maple syrup mustard dipping sauce for these little panko pillows. I know I know… I took the easy way, if you deep fry it, they will come, but these are really something special. Browned meat infused with sage and grainy homemade mustard mixed with a garlic roux, a gooey inside and a golden crispy outside.

Here is the original recipe:


And here is my take on it;

Panko Crusted Turkey Croquettes

In a small sauce pan make a simp roux (equal parts oil and flour) cook and str for about 5 minutes,

Season with:

2 tbsp minced garlic,

S+P, 1 Tbsp grainy mustard. Thicken with 1-2 cups of milk, cream or the like (I actually use almond milk as I was out of dairy products). Stir until thick, set aside.

Meanwhile in a pan sear 1 lb of ground turkey along with 1 minced onion. cook until golden brown and then season with:


Garlic powder

Dried sage

Chili flakes

And  yet another dollop of mustard

To the pot add in the roux, stir well and set in fridge to cool and set for at least and hour.

When the mixture has firmed and cooled, portion into small 1 oz balls then roll in panko crust, shape and fry in veggie oil until deeply golden brown. serve with a dipping sauce that is 1 part grainy mustard 2 parts maple syrup.

Enjoy and be sure to check out what my fellow swappers created with this recipe inspiration AND BE SURE TO ENTER MY MASALA SPICE GIVEAWAY CONTEST!


6 Comments to “turkey crouquettes”

  1. Did you say maple syrup mustard dipping sauce??? Wow, the crowning touch. Nice job!

  2. This is an awesome take on the recipe – great swap … want to make some and bring them to my baby shower this weekend? lol… Shari from http://www.goodfoodweek.blogspot.com

  3. I love that you kept the simplicity and the elegance of the original recipe! Always good to see what you invent. 🙂

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