red pepper relish quinoa

red pepper relish qunioa

This might be the most amazing quinoa ever! And frankly you won’t be able to duplicate it at home, but I can tell you how you might a) use up some pantry items and b) make something kinda closely resembling this deliciousness, bear with me here…

Back in the fall I plotted and pulled of (with lots of help) a wonderful celebration of canning in my community “Pickle Palooza” which featured a canning contests and jar swaps along with how to’s + puttin’ up demos etc… One of the entries I enjoyed a great deal was a ginger relish, and when I was given the opportunity to swap some jars I grabbed for one of those jars first off! No idea what exactly is in it… other than the obvious: ginger, garlic, vinegar, and sugar (come to think of it, I will dig through the entry ballots and get back to you all on what else was in this lovely relish)… not that that is the most important detail here. I really think most any crazy relish you have made or been gifted would be so nice with quinoa! It tastes like summer BBQ in a hot side dish, especially if you add a hearty dollop of Italian red pepper spread and then add ginger seared beef and red peppers with caramelized onion on top. YUM  That is what this dish tasted like somewhere between hamburger , summer time, and skewer of Mediterranean gilled veg, with that sweet relish POP!

So take a dig in your pantry… find a jar of relish or try this sunny starburst squash relish recipe and make your own  this recipe was shared with me via a friend from another friend and it (not my version)  won the pickle / relish category at pickle palooza, here is my  pickle palooza chutney entry if your interested in more award winning canning creations.

So here is what I made and hopefully you can try to duplicate it:

In a rice cooker cook 2 cups of quinoa at a 1:1.5 ratio

Meanwhile in a cast iron skillet start to sear off with oil:

1 sirloin steak sliced razor thin

1 large yellow onion slice thin

3 large canned red peppers sliced into rings

2 cloves of garlic

season with


fresh grated ginger (lots of it)

a splash of tamari

a pinch of parsley

a pinch of chili flakes

a pinch of sweet paprika


a kiss of lemon juice

Then once everything is golden and juicy it’s time to flavor your qunioa.

To the cooked hot quinoa stir in 2 heaping tbsp of rep pepper spread and 500ml jar of relish. Top with peppers and beef and enjoy!


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