glass tiger noodle soup

creamy thai mushroom soup-6

My sweetie helped me name this soup, as I have no personal memories of Thailand or Vietnam,  I do have a pretty clear memory of seeing Glass Tiger play a concert at Calaway Park as a kid , thankfully  the delishiousness of this asian inspired soup  is not in anyway connected to the bands performance (only in reference to the glass noodles), and in fact I think this soup rocks harder than Glass Tiger ever did! The other big plus is this soup recipe is offering some reprieve from the never ending request for hot and sour soup… finally a substitute. More about hot and sour soup drama here.

This soup is silky and sweet, sour and creamy with some good hot undertones. A great vegan (or non vegan) bowl of goodness, depending on your supply of old roosters; My batch today  was made with rooster stock (from our meanie bird who just departed the barnyard cast this past weekend, he was only good for dog food and soup stock, as he was lean and tough and did I say mean?) BUT of course you can you veggie stock to make it none meaty no problem!

In a heavy bottomed soup pot start by finely dicing and browning: 1 yellow onion and 2 celery stocks in veggie oil.

Once golden add 8 cups of soup stock. (veggie or chicken even fish stock would be nice)

Season with:

Ginger.. lots and lots of freshly grated ginger root, same program with garlic, load it up.

2-3 kaffir lime leafs


Cayenne pepper a pinch or two

Chili flakes a pinch

Chili oil

Tamari about 1/3 cup

Fish sauce about 2 tbsp (omit for vegan and true vegetarian versions, miso may make a good umami flavor substitute here)

Rice vinegar about 1/3 cup

2-3 tbsp red curry paste

2 tbsp cane sugar (or ever ketchup I dare say)

1 cup of finely chopped (pulsed is good too) roasted peanuts

Allow soup to mingle and bubble for as long as you have (and hour is nice)


Soak a handful of dried mushrooms in hot water just enough to cover, and allow to reconstitute for about 30 minutes, before removing stocks and slicing the caps finely. Add reserved mushroom “stock” and caps to the soup.

Just before serving add 3-4 small bundles of bean noodles and 1 can of coconut milk

Allow the noodles to cook through in boiling broth (about 8 minutes)

taste and adjust seasoning as you like to achieve a brilliant balance between hot and sour, sweet and salty.

Serve garnished with green onions or cilantro and a squeeze of lime juice.

Move over hot and sour soup! Glass Tiger is back!

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