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March 13, 2013

pickled beet dressing

_MG_1059By far this is the most perfectly pink and fabulous dressing ever! I have been trying to use my mother-load of canning up in good order, realizing the first of the dandelion jelly isn’t to far off now, and I need to start making room… and in the midst of no fresh greens in the garden blues, it’s lovely to enjoy the bounty of our summer harvest. I have a great stock of pickled beets and after slicing a pint jars worth of beets up to adorn a winter salad, I wanted to use the sweet acidic syrup to make a luscious pink dressing, and let me say, that no jar of pickled beet juice will ever go to waste again!

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March 8, 2013

my spring chicken

chicken cake

It’s that time of year again, when I take up the Birthday cake challenge my daughter set forth and this year was a doozie! She requested a chicken cake, and not just any simple cute sheet cake chicken… but a 3D rendition of one of our Wheaten Maran Hens, which just happen to lay lovely dark chocolate brown colored eggs. Yikes, I am swamped with feeding a hungry man-crew of builders 2 meals of day, drowning in client work, fighting off a bug and prepping for Birthday weekend for my 11 year old chicken lover, and had to take on the 3d chicken challenge.

I started with old faithful, the Joy of Cooking’s, white cake recipe, which I am certain is what my grandmother used for the dozens and dozens of wedding cakes she pumped out in my youth, when I was the child labour icing rose maker! You know when ever I need something that will certainly work or I am roasting some new cut of meat, or need to source out a real classic, I turn to the joy of cooking, In fact if I am honest it is one of the ONLY recipe books I actually follow without question.

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March 6, 2013

seedy lentil pilaf

lentil pilaf

Lentils and rice are so very perfect together, like PB+J, or ┬ánuts and honey, I can’t really devise a lentil dish that doesn’t include rice. And this is no exception, in fact it’s a great example of a really quick hot and satisfying lunch or dinner dish that will keep you going with a little asian type curry influence. Vegan and gluten free, super fuel.

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