seedy lentil pilaf

lentil pilaf

Lentils and rice are so very perfect together, like PB+J, or  nuts and honey, I can’t really devise a lentil dish that doesn’t include rice. And this is no exception, in fact it’s a great example of a really quick hot and satisfying lunch or dinner dish that will keep you going with a little asian type curry influence. Vegan and gluten free, super fuel.

I started by firing up my instapot and cooking brown rice (left over rice would be ideal too)

In a large cast iron pan with a little glug of oil start to brown:

1 small yellow onion chopped fine

2 cloves of garlic minced

1 medium carrot finely chopped (just pulled these from the snow covered earth today, mmm so crisp and sweet)

When the onion is transparent add:

2 cups of green or brown lentils

4 cups of water

Season with:

a splash of soy sauce

a splash of tamari

a splash of rice vinegar

1 tbsp of garam masala

1 tsp tumeric

1″ of freshly grated ginger

a pinch of chili flakes

Simmer slowly until lentils are tender then add:

2 cups of cooked brown rice

1 cup of toasted (and if you like seasoned with sugar and 5 spice) sunflower seeds

1/2 cup of black sesame seeds

1/2 cup of crushed almonds

Garnish with chopped parsley and cilantro and serve with a squeeze of citrus .

Easy and pleasing, I promise.


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