pickled beet dressing

_MG_1059By far this is the most perfectly pink and fabulous dressing ever! I have been trying to use my mother-load of canning up in good order, realizing the first of the dandelion jelly isn’t to far off now, and I need to start making room… and in the midst of no fresh greens in the garden blues, it’s lovely to enjoy the bounty of our summer harvest. I have a great stock of pickled beets and after slicing a pint jars worth of beets up to adorn a winter salad, I wanted to use the sweet acidic syrup to make a luscious pink dressing, and let me say, that no jar of pickled beet juice will ever go to waste again!


This is simple and subtle and the perfect addition to any salad.

In an empty pint jar combine:

3/4 cup pickled beet brine

3/4 cup grape seeds oil

1 heaping Tbsp tahini

pinch of S+P

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

shake, shake, shake

Thats it, dressing perfection!


One Comment to “pickled beet dressing”

  1. Such a pretty colour, perfect for spring! Sounds yummy as well! 🙂

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