scavenger hunt salad

spring scavenged salad

It’s a funny time of year hear… we are excited about growing and have greens started and sprouting all around us, we are prepping beds for the upcoming season, and have been finding food all over, in tiny amounts. This lovely egg and potato salad features all sorts of spring time finds; eggs scavenged from the hen house, potatoes found in the soil along side yellow carrots, the tiny snipped tips of wee onions starts, chives and micro greens all delicately clipped from the window seed starting racks. This found salad was then slathered with a vinaigrette that used up the last of my homemade grainy mustard. A true Easter weekend egg hunt done right!

I just spent the last couple weeks back in the prairies taking some farming classes and meeting with farmers and chefs alike, it was really nice  to see just how connected some pockets of the culinary world are becoming… farm 2 fork is contagious and it’s about time it start catching on!

OK, back to this stunning salad:

This plate fed 4 pairs of hungry dirty hands, so scale it accordingly:

Start by boiling 2 small handfuls of potatoes (this was a real miss mash of different varieties we grew last year)cook until fork tender but not too soft, you still want some bite. drain and set aside to cool.

Mean while hard boil 8 eggs

* I have starting doing my hard boiled eggs using a slower method to avoid getting that common grey line around the yoke, I read this tip somewhere and haven’t look back since. Place eggs in boiling water and set timer for 6 minutes, when timer goes shut off the heat but leave the pot covered on the now cooling element for another 15 minutes. Then run under cold water and peel for perfectly sunny hard boiled eggs. Slice into long quarters

Assemble the following onto a large platter:

3 handfuls of greens

cooled and cubed potatoes

4 green onions sliced fine

1 large carrot shredded

quartered eggs

gently toss with your fingers then garnish with:

a handful of fresh chopped parsley

a sprinkle of onion micros greens

fresh ground black pepper

Dress with a simple mix of:

equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil about 1/2 cup

add grainy mustard about 2 tbsp

a pinch of sea salt

and about 2 tbsp maple syrup

add a squeeze of lemon juice if you like a little more kick to your dressing

Drizzle and dig in… then get back outside and keep digging it’s almost gardening time!


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