vegan nut butter truffle balls

vegan nut butter truffle balls

I promise these are way better for you than they look! These also happen to be extremely quick to make and are a pretty rewarding dessert to serve and enjoy. Inspired by that crazy vegan coconut mousse I made for valentines this year I decided to play off that formula to create these coconut milk and peanut butter chocolate truffle balls.

In a double boiler melt:

2 cups of the best quality dark chocolate chunks you can afford

3 heaping Tbsp of your favorite nut butter (something fresh and oily is better than the old dried up end of a jar, but if that is all you have then add a drizzle of grape-seed oil to the melting pot)

In a separate large bowl whisk together:

1 can of coconut milk (not the lite stuff)

2 tbsp vanilla

* optional 2 tbsp raw super power blend ( ; cacao, mesquite, lucuma, maca & vanilla powders)

Slowly, pour melted chocolate mixture into coconut milk mix and gently fold together, until shiny and well combined.

Pour into shallow baking dish and allow to set in cold fridge about 3o minutes.

Once set using a 1 0z ice cream scoop or two spoons, portion into 2 bite balls.

quickly roll balls in organic shredded coconut, keep cool and enjoy!


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