our pork charcuterie


Well I can say the pig ears were a HUGE success, in fact we were fighting over the last of the crunchy salty ribbons of ear. Weird right? But really nice and yes I would make those again and again, given the opportunity provided itself.  It was also nice to have hard crunchy bits to contrast the soft and spreadable bits.  As for the haedcheese and the pate, they looked lovely. But I must confess the pate smell was far too fresh in my mind to enjoy this experience as much as I had hoped to, and none of the diners of this charcuterie plate had ever eaten or enjoyed pate before, so it was a unique experience for all. Luckily I have lots of leftovers packed up nicely to share with pate enthusiasts and I will report back with more expert opinion (or in the least the opinions of folks who didn’t do the processing work)!

If I am totally honest this whole experience was still a little to close and fresh in our minds I think for anyone to really enjoy this pretty spread.

If you find yourself with a pigs head in future refer to my last post this little piggy for my recap of head cheese making, also I would recommend watching River Cottage Pig-in-a-Day for Hughes head cheese recipe, which is how I made my way through the process. Now if you find yourself with a fresh pig liver, and you want to try your hand at this recipes, hats off to you:

Bratwurst bacon pig liver pate:

Start by finely dicing 1 leek and pan fry in butter once cooked add a splash of white wine, cook for another 2 minutes then set aside.

Using a terrine pan of your choice artful lay strips of bacon in whatever pattern / direction you fancy set in fridge, and use the remainder of your bacon in the following mix:

In a large bowl combine:

1lb pork bratwurst sausage meat (no casing)

1/2 lb finely minced smoked bacon strips

3/4 of a fresh pig liver pureed finely in a processor along with 2 cloves of garlic

Season with salt and pepper

Add a good splash of sherry and another splash of white wine

Add the cooked leek

With your hands blend everything well

Press mixture into bacon lined pan (s)

Bake pan in a water bath for 1.5 hours at 325 or until the pate comes away from the edge of the pan. Press pate with a weight and allow to cool. If you like once you remove the pate from the pan you can broil it bacon side up until golden brown. slice and serve.


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