Mu Shu Pork Noodles

Mu Shu Pork

Seriously folks this dish is sooooooo amazing, and delicious you have to try it. I just happen to have for the first time in my life some pork in the freezer (a whole pigs worth in fact), and as I am not really adept at cooking pork I had to Google myself some inspiration this evening. And when I entered pork+ cabbage+Chinese in my search engine, Mu Shu arrived and instantly I was gun-ho to create a noodle hybrid of an old favorite of our families – My Shu Pork. I Love Mu Shu… although I have never had a pork version of this as I always had to order it sans pork, I was pretty sure that my happy little piggie would taste great in this dish I was already drooling over in my mind. I read a few “authentic” mu shu recipes before settling on being inspired by the flavors of two, which I combined along with rice noodles rather than the traditional mu shu rice cake wrappers.

I used two huge thick fatty pork chops to make this dish, along with cabbage, dried mushrooms, celery, eggs and my favorite brown rice noodles, all finished with hoisin sauce and chives fresh from the garden. Yumm. Who knew pork was so delicious when you raise it with love and let it live outside and feed it good food and let it do what pigs want to do!??

My veggie friends I have not abandon you, In fact this dish I know will be just perfect without meat. Maybe add some bean sprouts instead or tofu if you feel you need it, but the mushrooms are really meaty and rich.

So here are the steps to getting a lovely mu shu noodles dish on the table in under 30 minutes:

Start by marinating your pork (2 thick chops worth, sliced into thin ribbons):

3 Tbsp soy sauce,

2 Tbsp seasame oil,

1 tsp of organic corn starch,

Season with: S+P,  a sprinkle of chili flakes, some fresh grated ginger and some fresh grated garlic and a pinch of Chinese 5 spice

Soak about 6-8 dried shitake mushrooms in boiling water, cover and allow them to soften for at least 30 minutes (over night is ideal)

Meanwhile beat 4 farm fresh eggs up, and in a large flat low edge pan with a good glug of oil. Fry up a large omelet, wait until it’s almost entirely set before flipping over. Once cooked slice into ribbons and set aside.

Now fire up your wok and get the water boiling and cook the noodles. I used my favorite gluten free brown rice asian noodles, which are wide and flat and perfect (but hard to find) you can use what ever you like best, if you eat gluten nice ramean style noodles would be perfect here!

In the wok with a good drizzle of oil start to sear:

1 yellow onion cut very thin

3 celery stocked finely sliced

1 small green cabbage again cut into thin ribbons (are you seeing a trend here?)

Once the cabbage is wilted and just starting to brown, remove from heat and set aside.

Get another drizzle of oil nice and hot and fry up:

the mushrooms (strained, de-stemmed and sliced into long ribbons)

a handful of chives chopped fine

and the marinated pork.

Cook until bits of the pork start to sear (and everything smells like the neighborhood Chinese restaurant you miss back in the city :))

Now add the cabbage , onion, egg and cooked noodle back into the wok, give everything a good drizzle of hoisin sauce, toss and serve.

I promise you are going to LOVE this dish.

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