independence challenge here on the homestead

honey bee

I was inspired again by Independence Days by Sharon Astyk A great book I read and loved a few years back, and then I just discovered this great web ring and decided to ramble off this list and participatein the five little homesteaders Independence Challenge, so here is what we have been doing at the homestead in the last couple days to continue our food resilience efforts:

Plant Something:

Although the garden is fully planted we keep adding bits and bobs…  yesterday Isis planted: yarrow (for medicine and food) and chives both in our newest fruit tree guilds, marigold for dye and pest control, and lovage because it’s tasty and lovely.

Harvest Something:

We have been wild harvesting chick-weed for salads, wild pineapple camomile for tea, yarrow flowers for tea and medicine, red clover for tea, mint from our bog for everything, horsetail for stir fry, volunteer mustard greens which are everywhere in the garden along with, orach spinach, swiss chard and kale are all making their way into most every meal.

In fact we are challenging ourselves (and me the cook) to eat wild foraged food each day!

Preserve Something:

We just got 20 lbs of our very own triple smoked bacon back from the smokers, which I skinned and portioned and vacu-sealed, Along with that I canned 3 batches of  wild crafted jelly; dandelion, spruce tip, and mint.

Waste Not:

We are sorting food scrapes to the 9th degree: eggshells for chicken calcium, coffee grounds for the compost pile (which heats the outdoor shower), nice greens and tasty bits get split between the chooks and the rabbits, and the rest feed the worm farm fertility program.

Want Not:

Making meals with whats on hand… not whats in store.

Eat the Food:

Never a problem feeding 6 hardworking farm hands; opening cans from my last years harvest every week, enjoying each and every one, creating recipes that feature canned goods is always fun.

Build Community Food Systems:

Our new honey bees have been pollinating all our neighbors plants and crops and trees… what a gift.

Then for my part I have been swapping homemade headcheese for back road goat cheese, sharing surplus is a joy always.

Skill Up:

Our team have been stomping cob and making manure plaster to finish up the rocket stove / cob pizza oven in the garden kitchen!


AGILE BOARD: our lifesaving to-do board, we meet daily as a team (family and interns) and plan what needs to be done, collected, harvested, eaten, stowed, built, sanded, hauled etc…

That is a lot of  puttin’ up progress this week.

Here is a glimpse of some of my past adventures in independence from the industrialized food machine:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

View the rest of this web rings posting on Independence Efforts here.


5 Comments to “independence challenge here on the homestead”

  1. This post is amazing. Thank you so much for linking up. The work you are doing is truly impressive.

    I do so hope you will link up again this week when the challenge goes live tomorrow.

    • Thanks so much! do you have the link code to share? or is just linking to your blog good enough?

      • You can link up a different post each week! Stop by tomorrow and link up something else so that people can discover all your amazing posts and beautiful photography. (May I suggest the quinoa cake for tomorrow’s link-up? Your pictures make it look DIVINE!)

        Hope to see you back at the Independence Days Challenge tomorrow!

  2. Are those pickled eggs??? That’s something I have been wanting to learn how to do!

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