pickled garlic scapes

pickled scapes

Today was a garlic scape extravaganza!

My friend and gardening guru Tony so kindly shipped me off a GIANT case of all his garlic scapes for some loving processing. And today I used about half of the big ‘ol box to make 25 jars of pickled scapes! Luckily my Mom is visiting and her and her friend were stationed at the table chopping and separating curly scape stocks, by size and shape!

We also harvested our own 300 garlic scapes the day before and zipped them up along with my first ever abundant basil harvest from our new greenhouse, to freeze up a grand batch of hemp garlic pesto (similar to this recipe but with basil instead of parsley). Now I sit with about 10 more lbs of scape to process and a well advised plan to dehydrate a good lot of them to be ground into garlic powder, and the rest will be blanched and frozen down for future stir fry dishes.

basil scape pesto

Today’s pickled scape were a hybrid of a couple trusted recipes: (I batched this recipe x8 to get through the amount I did)

Basic pickling brine:

3 cups water

2 3/4 cup vinegar (half white half apple cider)

1/4 cup pickling salt

Then to each jar I added homemade pickling spice blend 1/2 tsp for 1 pint jar and  1 tsp for 1 Liter jar

Set the brine to boil, and place scapes into sterilized hot jars along with spice mix, top up with brine to 1/4″ of the top. Water bath process for 10 minutes. We cut the scapes into straight runs (for tall jars) and curly bits for shorter jars. I opted to use mainly wide mouth jars, but as I was processing I realized that in fact a narrow mouth was more ideal for holding down all the garlic coils for maximum packing. New to canning? be sure to read my canning 101 page for tips and processing safety.

pickled scapes

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