vegan creamy cashew califlower gratin

cashew califlower gratin

My vegan friends, this is a divine sauce straight up I promise you will love this creamy “cheesey” goodness. I opted to celebrate our favorite lactose intolerant intern being away for dinner and added a good amount of sharp cheddar and some smoked bacon to this dish to throw it over the top. But totally unnecessary unless you are living in forced cheese lock down, and need to break out once in a while. This sauce would be a great vegan fondue substitute, and would certainly make killer mac and cheese. Inspiration for dinner tonight came from PPK’s chipotle Brussels sprouts. Soaking and pureeing cashews are the secret behind this rich sauce.  A trick I have never tried before and am so happy to have in my kitchen tool box now.

Start by

Soaking 1 cup of raw cashews in hot water for a few hours.

Meanwhile get a fragrant veggie stock boiling away; I used 1 1/2 onion 2 celery sticks and a handful of garlic scapes in about 3 cups of water, along with a bay leaf and some parsley, S+P, chili, lemon rind and one veggie stock cube.

I used my veggie steamer to steam 2 small heads of chopped cauliflower and about 4 sliced carrots which were steamed over the veggie stock. Steam until el dante and set aside.

Using a food processor zip up:

1 cup of soaked cashews

1 .5 cups of warm veggie stock along with about 1 cup of the boiled onions and scapes from the brew

2 tbsp nutritional yeast

2 tbsp light miso

2 cloves of garlic

season with: S+P, cayenne and chili flakes

Now if you want to jack this great vegan sauce with cheese toss in a handful of cheese curds or small cubes of sharp cheese

To assemble this bust out your favorite cast iron enameled baking pot and combine:

steamed veggies, 1 cup of fried smoked bacon (totally optional), and then pour and toss with this killer cashew sauce.

If your rocking the cheese avenue then you might as well cover the top with grated cheese at bake at 450 for about 30 minutes, or until oozing and golden brown! Be ready for spoon wars for the last scraping of the pot.


One Comment to “vegan creamy cashew califlower gratin”

  1. Cauliflower is on special near me this week. May have to try! Just don’t have miso, so i might go with mustard & soy sauce.

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