quinoa cake + saskatoon berry syrup

chocolate quinoa cake with saskatoon syrup

My dear friend turned 50 this weekend, and I had to make a show stopping cake to help her celebrate in style. I decided on making that lovely chocolate quinoa cake I made a couple weeks back, and to go all out  I made two batches of cake and opted for a coconut milk chocolate mousse center finished with a stellar Saskatoon berry syrup. Then the whole cake got a coconut oil butter cream chocolate frosting and a final raw cacao nib crumble edge.

The whole cake was gluten free and flour free, and parts of it are vegan, other parts are powered with super foods… And although it is deeply indulgent, on the whole I would say it’s a pretty healthy option as far as chocolate cakes go.

I played with making a butter cream frosting with coconut oil for the first time, and while making it I decided to toss in some butter to keep the melting point a littler high.. on such a hot day.

The saskatoon berry syrup was really straight forward, and because we are drowning in saskatoon berries I though a nice big batch of syrup was in order.

I started by warming 16 cups of saskatoon berries (cleaned and de-stemmed) in a heavy bottom pot along with 1 cup of water and 6 cups of organic cane sugar. Allow the berries to boil over a medium high heat for about 15 minutes before blending the batch with a immersion blender. Slowly simmer over a low heat for another 35 minutes or so. Then using a large strainer and a ladle push the syrup through a separate the seedy pulp from the thick sauce. I bottled the hot syrup into clean wide mouth glass pint jars (6 of them) and set in the fridge to cool. I made this as a freezer syrup, as I didn’t follow a recipe for canning, but I am sure some quick research with tell you how much lemon juice to add in order to water bath process this tasty sauce.

Drizzle this syrup over ice cream, pancakes, cakes, or mix as a cordial with soda water for a fruity spritzer. I took the pulpy bits and portioned them with a large ice cream scoop onto cookie sheet and froze them down, to be a thick berry addition into future muffin mixes!

Happy sauce making… and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENATA xxooxxoo

Here is the recipe for the flour free gluten free quinoa cake, and recipe for my to die for coconut milk chocolate mousse which I poured into a bowl and refrigerated for at least an hour before spreading a thick layer on the bottom layer of cooled cake, I left a thick lip of mousse around the edges so I could pour a 1/4″ thick layer of syrup without fear of spilling. I also allowed this layer to set up fully in the fridge before placing the second cake atop it and frosting the lot.

2 Comments to “quinoa cake + saskatoon berry syrup”

  1. Oh Yum!!! this looks amazing!

  2. If I knew my birthday cake would be this crazy fab – I would turn 50 every day!!! thanks Shauna – your rock!!!

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