lactose fermented dill pickles

lactose fermented dill pickles

I just came home after a few days canoeing the lake to yet another bushel of pickling cucs needing my attention! With some conventional dills under my belt as well as a batch of fridge pickles already this season, I opted to try my hand at a big ‘ol batch of fermented pickles… which are about the easiest thing ever! I added a few grape leaves from the vines to help keep them crunchy, and after finding the perfect big jar / weighted lid situation I was off to the races.

I started with a 4l glass pickled jar and filled it to the brim with whole small cucumbers, a good amount of garlic cloves, and a couple handfuls of fresh dill leaves and flowers. I then added about 1 Tbsp of my homemade pickle seasoning blend, and about 4 grape leaves freshly harvested.

For the brine combine 4 cups of water to 4 Tbsp of fine sea salt (I used 2.5 of these small brine batches to fill up the jar)

make sure the cucumbers are totally submerged and ensure that the weight you have keeps the pickles and seasoning all submerged. I actually stuffed a whole grape leave over the top to hold the cucs in place. Then I added my snug fitting plastic dish lid, and set a pint jar filled with water in it as my weight.

Allow pickles to sit on the counter top for 3 days before moving to the fridge to be kept (and eaten) for up to a year. This will yield those NY deli style sour salty pickles. No vinegar, no processing, no problem.





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