pork ‘n beans ‘n pork


Geez what a week! We roasted a whole hog on Wednesday to celebrate my mother in laws 60th birthday, and since then I have been up to my eye balls in pork puttin’ up! You think I should have learned my lesson from my recent “Bacon” experience, yet I signed up for another round of whole hog… albeit and thankfully awful-less.

It all started with a 77lb stuffed whole hog and a crazy roaster rental…  I made a killer BBQ sauce for the hog with about 8lbs of freshly picked heirloom tomatoes slowly roasted along with a mound of garlic, peppers and onions. After all of those veg roasted down in a flaming hot oven for hours I skimmed the liquids off and started reducing them along with molasses and cane sugar with some smokey seasonings.

After we feasted and fed the party goes and gorged on pulled pork for a day, I had to start canning all that meat. I had been researching prior to the pig roast how to pressure can homemade pork and beans and I was thrilled to be able to tackle that. Along with that I also pressured canned whole quarts jars of pork in some savory pork stock. After two days of this processing (along with salsa and more druken apricot jam) We finally gave in and vacuum sealed bags of yet more meat.

Making your own pork and beans was totally appealing to me… My sweetie loves buying cans of beans, and although I grew up loving the stuff the contents scare me off these days, and I am much happier sending my family camping with home made goodness.

So if your up for this pressure canning challenge, hold on to your hats, this recipe is for the best damn “canned” pork and beans you ever did have:

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Start by cooking down a mega batch of seasoned BBQ tomato sauce at least 4 L.

Sterilize pint jars and lids.

Into each pint jar add 3/4 cup of soaked uncooked navy beans (soaked overnight)

add a pinch of freshly chopped onions

and a small handful of pulled cooked pork (or bacon, or neither)

top jar with boiling BBQ tomato sauce.

Leave 1″ of head space


Also important to note: you must use all the same size jars when pressure canning, as your canning time will increase with larger jars.

If you are new to pressure canning please make sure you read your manual thoroughly, before processing anything.

Once the caner has cooled and reached zero pressure, remove and allow to cool on a clean surface, and don’t disturb the jars for a number of hours. Any jars that did not seal, can be placed in the fridge and eaten quickly.

Giddy up picnic BBQ canned pork and beans!


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