blue ribbon cabbage {kraut, kimchi, mu-shu, + borscht of course!}


Look at these babies! Not one but two blue ribbon cabbages were grown right here at tricycle acres! Over 32 lbs of cabbage in fact and after taking home these first place prizes from the fall fair we spent much of the day using up every crisp sweet leaf of these high achievers! I favored the hearty and “biggest” cabbage, a green leaf variety that I have been calling Audry and singing little shop of horror ballots to for months now, Isis was taken with the stunning “best savoy” cabbage, who surprised us all with it’s beauty as it was hidden away behind a mountain of kale. Beauty and the Beast!

Last night I made a batch of doukhobor borscht (using a hybridized 1 pot technique that actually tasted great, and was way easier than this traditional method) then today we busted out a big bucket crock and made a HUGE batch of straight up lactose fermented sauerkraut, along with a cabbage , carrot and onion kim chi inspired kraut. The rest of the cabbage was stir fried into a pot of the troops favorite mu shu noodles (I used some left over whole hog roast pork bits for that dish and it reminded me just how delicious that pig roasted pork was)… and that was the fate of these two darlings.

Sauerkraut is so simple to make, the daunting part is skimming mold off when needed and still being inclined to eat the stuff! That has been my problem for years anyway… I have such strong and strange food aversions that scum and mold leave me shaking my head and feeding my chickens super nutrient food over and over again 😦 Not the greatest boost for fermenting I know, but I do love the stuff and totally back the process, I keep making it, and I do enjoy it most of the time. Those lactose pickles I made a couple weeks back ROCK! they are so amazing, I might NEVER can dill pickles again! seriously.

If your up for some sauerkraut making I would strongly recommend reading; Independence Days, Wild Fermentation or the Art of Fermenting to get you going. To make kraut all you need is salt and cabbage, a whole lot of elbow grease and a good crock with a well fitting lid. I might post more in depth about the process when I’m, not exhausted. I just pulled the last dozen jars of the days maple apple butter & apple sauce from the canner… whew. Who said the spring was the craziest time on the farm? Harvest is something else!


2 Comments to “blue ribbon cabbage {kraut, kimchi, mu-shu, + borscht of course!}”

  1. OMG, I thought my 8 lb red cabbages were a lot! I made 2 batches of kraut…. don’t know what to do with it. Not everyone likes kraut, but its a super great magenta color… Congrats on the win.

    What is your secret soil recipe? Ann

    • Ha ha, Thanks Ann! Your kraut will last long enough for you to enjoy it all at least! Our soil secrets in brief are worm castings, and diverse soil life… we work really hard here to build great living soil. Lots of worm poo and compost tea here is our method of brewing super boosting nutrients for all our plants!

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