simple roasted roots



Some of my favorite moments involve a walk through the garden to decide what is for dinner! Tonight the beets and carrots called to me and I decided to keep it super simple, a celebration of September. Slowly roasted caramelized beets, carrots and onions finished with wilted swiss chard and a balsamic glaze. Adorned with local goat feta crumbles and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds. Serve this with a green salad, crispy warm bread to soak up the extra reduction on your plate, or as a hearty side dish, however you enjoy it one thing is certain, you will enjoy it.

Simply chop up all the veggies you have on hand; 5-6 beets, 4-5 carrots a couple small onions,when cutting try to keep the sizes similar.

In your deepest roasting pan, get a really hearty glug of olive oil on the base, toss in the veggies and a good glug of balsalmic vinegar. Sesaon with S+P whatever fresh herbs you have (I added parsley, both curly and flat, along with thyme and oregano). Add a pinch of chili flakes, give everything a good toss and your off to the races. Put the pan in a fiery hot over (at least 400). Leave the lot to roast away undisturbed for at least 25 minutes, allowing the bottoms to darken and caramelize before tossing and finish roasting.

Once the beets are tender and the onions are all but melted away your ready to toss in a couple handfuls of chopped greens (kale or chard) toss and allow to rest covered for about 5 minutes. Now grab a nice plate pour the roasted veggies, juice and all on the plate, and drizzle with a good quality balsamic glaze (either homemade or store bought), add a drizzle of the best quality olive oil you have (a citric infused one is ideal here), adorn with a hearty handful of crumbled goat feta, and finish with a sprinkle of seeds of your choice (if you ambitions toast them first with garlic and sea salt). Serve and enjoy the seasons harvest!


2 Comments to “simple roasted roots”

  1. you rock sister! yum and inspiring – thank you

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