“making banana pancakes…


… pretend like it’s the weekend” –  Jack Johnson was on to something… and I am afraid I have been in the dark about this Banana Pancake phenomenon! I just discovered, through various means in short succession that if you combine 1 banana 2 eggs and 1 spoon of peanut butter you get the most dense, moist rich gluten free pancakes on the planet! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS ????  In the event you are like me and desperately looking for a carbie tasting breakfast snack to sop up some egg yoke, then your in luck! This recipe is way too easy, and once you ditch the gluten free pre-mixed pancake mix, for this you will be laughing!

My mother in law came over and made these dynamite cottage cheese and egg pancakes, that I swooned for, then my sweetie found on instructibles of all place a recipe for banana and egg crepes, which were luscious and inspiring, especially when served smeared with peanut butter and maple syrup. From there the peanut butter addition to the batter was a no brainier for my interns and since we have all been enjoying these lovely (yet far from local) gluten free pancakes! If only Jack Johnson added a lyric to the song that indicated how simple this recipe is, I would have been enjoying these 10 years ago!

Straight up in a food processor add 1 banana 2 eggs and 1 heaping soup spoon of peanut butter, combine and cook on a greased pan as you would any pancake, over medium heat, once all the bubble pop on side 1 flip, flop and serve!


One Comment to ““making banana pancakes…”

  1. That’s just what I need in this weather x

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