asian lake fish soup

asian fish soup

I have a huge backlog of recipes to get through, boy the harvest time is busy!

Last week my sweetie came home after a long day of fishing with the boys with 2 lovely and large fresh lake Dolly Vardens, which as I understand are land locked salmon, they are a little oilier than salmon and even yummier. I don’t buy fish ever, if you want to know why check this out. I miss eating fish a whole lot so when we go fishing and come home with fresh caught lake fish I sure try to make the most of all of it! I also decided to fillet these lovely fish myself, thankfully youtube guided me through the process and I can’t believe how much easier it was to do than I imagined. First night I oven roasted 1 fillet with a thick coat of grainy mustard, maple syrup and garlic, yum! The I started the fish stock. I boiled down the spines and tails and all the boney bits and fins with some onion and garlic all night and much of the next day. After straining the result was a deeply rich fish stock to build this aromatic Asian inspired soup with.

When you fillet a fish you (I’ve heard always) end up with a couple oz’s of fish meat that can be easily scraped of the bones this is what i used to add flaky fish bits to the soup. I reserved a total of just shy of maybe 2 cups for this purpose from the night before.

Soak in boiling water with a lid about 2 cups of dried mushrooms, allow to soak for at least 1 hour before slicing, de-steming, and straining.

In your best deep bottom pot start browning in a light veggie or nut oil:

1 large yellow onion

3 cloves of garlic

The stocks from 6 swiss chard leaves (reserve greens)

2 hot peppers

2″ of fresh garlic and coarsely chopped all in a light veggie or nut oil.

3 lime leafs

Once the onion is cooked add in the above mentioned 8 or so cups of fish stock.

Bring to a hearty boil and allow to cook for at least an hour, before pureeing the stock until all the veggies are smooth and incorporated into a really nice soup stock.

To that add 1 can of coconut milk

Season with:

fish sauce a good few glugs

rice vinegar

a pinch of sugar and salt to taste

Then add the mushrooms (re-hydrated & sliced)

Allow to simmer away for another hour of so (good soup takes patience)

About 15 minutes before serving add in to lightly simmering soup base:

2 cups of cooked rice

6 finely chopped swiss chard greens

and 2 cups of fresh uncooked fish fillet bits.

Gently cook until fish in done, then serve quickly with a garnish of freshly minced hot peppers and cilantro.

Now this a soup worth waiting 12 hours for!


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