kimchi corn crusted avacado taco

kimchi taco

Korea meets Mexico, and falls happily ever after in love on this organic yellow corn tortilla wrapped up in homemade chipotle salsa, fresh feta and red cabbage. Kimchi and deep fried avocado who knew?

Well the other day me and by back-road girlfriend ditched our muckers, baled on our canning and went to town for lunch, we hit this new Mexican place and on the menu they had a panko and kimchi taco, yum right. Well I have been thinking of how it could have been improved and gave it a shot tonight. I decided to forgo the white bread panko crust and do a gluten free chickpea and corn meal crust on the avocodo quarters, and I used some lovely locally made kimchi, and garnished the tacos with a little more … get up and go. Perfect if I do say so myself. These avocado wedges golden fried would be pretty killer just served up for a party with a stellar salsa to dunk in!

First you need to get yourself some killer kimchi… make it yourself, whip up a batch of spicy sweet fermented Korean sauerkraut,  or find your own local Joyee 🙂

Then comes the avocado… quarter the avocados and prep them for deep frying. First a dredge in rice flour, then a dip in egg wash, and finally a good toss in a blend of cornmeal, sea salt, chickpea flour and cayenne. Now give the coated wedges a little fry in some light organic veggie oil, until golden brown, drip dry on a towel and season with sea salt. Now get ready to dress up your tacos; starting with a good bed of kimchi, adored with a golden fried avocado then some ribbons of red cabbage, some farm fresh cheese, and some really nice salsa.  Seriously I might forever kimchi tacos from now on, the sour acidic kick is perfect, especially with a salty creamy avocado.

korean taco


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