kraut cakes + give aways

saurekraut n sauce

Exciting News, I have a really fun give away offer to kick off today for all my fermenting fans.. fear not failed fermenters, this give away will keep your spirits up and offer you successful future kraut crocks! My friends at the Urban Homesteading Store in Stony Plain Alberta are teaming up with me and eating with SOLE to offer my loyal readers a killer give away…

Lets talk sauerkraut for a minute… I love the stuff, my family is hooked and I have managed to make a few really great batches of kraut over the years… truth be told though, I have had a number of total failures too! That is what is so exciting about this give away; The Urban Homesteading Store is offering 5 packages of Caldwell’s Starter Culture for Fermenting Vegetables. This starter is added during the sauerkraut making process and essentially contains a really strong culture that over produces rapidly and blocks out other bacterias that can cause your ferment to go off, essentially providing you with the best chance at making great tasting beneficial ferments for you and your family!

I know just how good fermented foods are, so I try to incorporate some in to as many meals as possible, and recently I came up with a pretty awesome savory snack to make with sauerkraut: savory gluten free sauerkraut pancakes! They are fabulous, and dunk-able and lovely when slathered in good homemade sauces. I used chickpea and rice flour to makes these silky fluffy kraut cakes along with farm fresh milk and coop fresh eggs. I used some of my “blue ribbon” cabbage sauerkraut which I fermented with shredded carrots… so lovely.

kraut cakes

Here is the super simple recipe for these deliciously dunk-able kraut cakes

1 cup of sauerkraut

1 cup milk

2 eggs

2/3 cup chickpea flour

2/3 cup of rice flour

pinch sea salt

pinch of caraway seeds

Mix well, then over a medium skillet brown little pancakes to a perfect golden-ness.

For a dunking sauce I made a simple maple, grainy mustard apple cider vinaigrette 🙂 but good old apple sauce and sour cream would work too.

Now your going to need some sauerkraut, so lets get back to that give away!


There are 4 easy ways to enter to win a package of Caldwell’s Starter Culture, courtesy of my favorite urban homesteaders.

You may enter 4 times and each action counts as 1 entry. Winners will be drawn and announced this week!

1) Sign up to subscribe to my blog (if you already subscribe then you may leave a comment about fermenting foods)

2) Pin a picture of your favorite fermented recipe from my blog onto pinterest

3) Post a comment on the Urban Homesteading Stores facebook page about fermenting or linking back to my blog

4)Post your own sauerkraut recipe on the Urban Homesteading Stores facebook page, they will pick a winning recipe and the winner will have their recipe posted on the urban homesteading store web site as well as receiving a package of caldwell starter!


One Comment to “kraut cakes + give aways”

  1. Loving my ‘counter culture’ got the sauekraut, kambuchi, mustard and kefir all on the go! Plus your pancakes are fab – maybe I’ll make them tonight!!!

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