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December 29, 2013

tourtiere a borrowed tradition


So pretty, isn’t it? This holiday season I was adamant that I would make French Canadian tourtiere to be served on Christmas Eve along side my new favorite killer condiment green tomato ketchup. What a great idea! I read about a million recipes for traditional tourtiere from various regions all over Quebec, which differ vastly. I settled on a flaky pork lard and butter whole spelt crust and created a dish of rich browned pork, lamb and beef seasoned with garlic and onion, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, bay and savory. I added small pieces of potato and a little chili for just a hint of heat.

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December 20, 2013

cheeze-luv gluten free crackers

hommade cheez-its

Just like the processed snack cheez-it’s or cheese-nibs these golden cheesy puffs are perfect for snacking… only these are gluten free and made with real food… well aside from the orange cheese I purchased just for this occasion! I had an epic holiday kitchen marathon today which started with another round of Hot Damn Bacon Jam, then I made a batch of Amazing Apple Pie Jam followed by a double batch of these darling cheese-luv crackers. All day I was imagining how amazing a dollop of apple pie jam would be atop of fresh crisp cheese cracker, and I was more than right! This combo is like an instant cheese slice on an apple pie party in your mouth! Killer Killer Combo!

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December 16, 2013

pakora perfection


So the other day while my daughter and I were making doughnuts I figured we might as well stack our deep fry functions and make some pakoras to go with the killer pot of chicken curry that was waiting for us in the slow cooker. These turned out perfect and were actually really easy to make.

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December 15, 2013

jelly filled gluten free doughnuts

jelly filled doughnuts

This is totally over the top, but when you are aching to bake and your oven is broken the 12 or so tedious steps it takes to makes these darling indulgent holes all seem worth the effort. Not only did we alternate a traditional fried yeast doughnut recipe to be gluten free, but we (my daughter and I) whipped up a fresh batch of raspberry jam from the summers frozen stash to lovingly hand pipe fresh filling into warm sugar drenched dough balls. oh my. So if you have all day to make something truly s[special, please by all means try out this recipe:

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December 11, 2013

Kitchen Aid killed my holiday baking :(


I have a sad story to tell you all…

Remember last year when I was swooning over my new fancy birthday oven? My sweetie bought me a really really nice convection oven last year and for at least 2 months I was head over heals in love with my new range and all it’s fancy features. The honeymoon was over when the back burner stopped working and I was taken aback that the quality of this product was so low that I had to have a technician out so soon after my purchase.  Within a week of that burner failing the shatter incident happened, where a teeny tiny bottle fell on my stove and it shattered into a million pieces 😦 TRAGEDY. I was out of pocket a few really big bills, and started living in total fear of breaking another cook-top. I have become OCD, and in fact my new kitchen design features no cabinets above the stove, no storage what so ever, to prevent another shattering if you can believe it. Imagine redesigning your kitchen to lose cupboard space around the fear that your stove will break again.

Just the other day, just as the temperature started to drop my urge to bake for warmth was building when I noticed the clock display was blank on my oven…

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December 3, 2013

holiday baking ideas…

I know some of you are chomping at the bit to get some holiday baking done, and that is why I have highlighted some of my all time favorite recipes for sweet holiday cheer. I’ll have plenty of new recipes to share starting next week. Some of these are vegan, some gluten free, some so buttery and wheat-y you’ll feel like your at grandmas.


Rosemary brown butter shortbread-cookies


Dreamy coconut pecan date bliss balls

lemon ginger pillows

Lemon ginger meringues


Scandinavian rosettes


Ginger Blissmas

buckwheat pear loaf

Ginger pear chocolate buckwheat loafs

cinnamon buns

OMG cinnamon bun madness

chocolate pretzel almond bark

Chocolate almond pretzel bark


Truffle kisses chocolate mousse

vegan nut butter truffle balls

Vegan nut butter truffle balls

perfect pumpkin pie

Pumpkin luv’in pie


Marvelous ginger marmalade

Now where to start?