sweet + salty squash


My winter storing squash are calling to me… EAT US, EAT US. The trick is to eat them all without having the family go on squash strike! I have already made a batch of these darling squash and ricotta gnocchi, pureed squash into a Jamaican curry, and served it roasted with butter and garlic. Today I had to cook down a pretty massive blue warty squash, I opted to roast it un-seasoned then pureed half of it (froze a portion) and made really great gluten free chocolate streusel muffins with some, and this yummy dinner with the rest. I will share the muffin recipe tomorrow. Tonight I combined smoked cured thick cut happy bacon with caramelized onions, toasted chickpeas and seared squash. Paleo perfect and just the right balance of salty and sweet.

Sorry about my color troubles with my photo’s.. these new LED lights and the dark of winter are playing havoc with my light meter and white balancing 😦 arg… I am trying to cook more in the day time to capture more natural light. Bare with me.

This is a really easy 1-ish dish meal.

If you have already roasted squash, perfect. allow it too cool, and cube it up into 1″ pieces.

In a deep cast iron pan sear off about 2 cups of thick cut smoked bacon pieces, along with 1 small yellow onion chopped into similar sized pieces and 1 cup of cooked cooled chickpeas.

Toss in 1 clove of garlic chopped fine. Cook until everything is dark and caramelized.

Season with: S+P, freshly ground cumin and a pinch of chili flakes.

Once the bacon and onions are dark and cooked remove from pan.

Add a tbsp of pork lard (if you render your own) or bacon grease, once it’s melted place your cooked, cooled squash into the pan and over a medium high heat allow the first side to sear completely before tossing. When enough of your squash is seared (and still holding together, so as not to mash the lot) add back in your bacon and chickpea mix. Just before serving add a tiny drizzle of maple syrup if you like and serve with a crisp winter salad.

Happy squash eating!


One Comment to “sweet + salty squash”

  1. Made this last night – thought there would be leftovers for my lunch – no such luck!

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