simple sichuan noodle soup

beef noodle soup

Sometimes you just need a kick of spicy rich noodle soup, when those days happen and you still want dinner on the table within the hour, then this recipe is your soul warming solution. Tender beef (or not) in a steamy broth of ginger, garlic, Sichuan peppers and chili, laced with earthy garden kale, cabbage and carrot ribbons with just enough rice noodles. Yum. ever since I made those melt your face off to die for dan dan noodles I have been a wee bit scared of the sichuan pepper, but I freed myself of that fear and it was liberating! Also this would so easily be a killer vegetarian soup, omit the beef (duh), use mushroom broth instead of beef broth, pump up the mushroom volume and likely you’ll already have vegetarian fish sauce in the pantry (which is all I use anymore). Easy.

So in your favorite soup pot using a little glug of sesame oil and chili oil start browning:
1 lb of pasture raised organic ground beef (obviously veggies omit this and add some extra mushrooms (fresh oysters would be dreamy here)
2 yellow onions (ribbon thin)
3 cloves of garlic minced
along with a good 1-2 inches of freshly ground ginger.

Once that is all cooked down and deeply brown season with:
chili flakes
6-8 ground Sichuan peppers
1 tbsp Asian 5 spice

Add in 2 Liters of beef stock (homemade of course if you have a freezer full like I do)(or mushroom stock if your making this veggie)
a splash each: soy sauce, fish sauce and rice vinegar.
Toss in a handful of dried cloud ear fungus ribbons
finely grated ribbons from 1 large carrot
2 cups of cabbage ribbons
1 cup shredded kale (I used portion frozen balls from my freezer, but fresh is of course fine too)
Set to simmer away for 30-45 minutes (longer is you have more time)
10 minutes before serving add in 2 small bundles of rice noodle

taste your broth as always with Asian flavors ensure your balance of salty and sour is perfect (adjusting with soy + vinegar as needed)

If I am serving a noodle dish I so often cut all my veggies long and thin to create easy mouthfuls, and a picture perfect plate.

Serve and be warmed!


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