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February 13, 2014

chocolate brownie teaser


So here I made these killer gluten free deeply chocolate espresso brownies, adapted from a brownie recipe I had been playing with for some time. I tweaked it just right. covered it with a thick slather of espresso chocolate gnache and the brownies disappeared ever so quickly. Almost as quickly as my recipe notes! I have actually lost this recipe, and I have been hunting for nearly two weeks… nearly two weeks of no blog posts (for shame) wasted on not posting this recipe. Instead tonight I am posting a tease, just a picture. One day soon I am sure I will find my notes and will revise this entry (I hope ).

Until then I am so sorry for my lack of posting, there has been so much I have wanted to share lately too, but between my new LED lighting adaptions, which make the most lovely meals look lack luster and the all round general exhaustion I feel at the end of the day, after working day and night at some HUGE regional food security projects that involve multiple event planning, web development and oodles of graphic design… whew, I am nearly too pooped to blog (for the first time ever). My most sincere apologies, I will be back at it full on soon. I promise.