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June 21, 2014

new growth


heart kootenay food

Hello my loyal readers and SOLE Foodies! I have a new adventure underway that I am keen to share with you all, something from my heart.

You may have noticed my absence over the past few months, I have been busy dealing with some curve balls life has thrown our way, and busy in the gardens planting, weeding and dreaming. I was struggling to find time to blog / photograph all the new recipes I have been creating, BUT I have finally created a way to continue to work on building a strong an thriving local food economy while still sharing recipes from my food shed with you all. So here it is, the best of both worlds…

I have recently launched a a project so dear to my heart. I am so impassioned to support my farming friends and neighbors, and share with eaters the message of real food. SOLE Food! After Farm Food Fork (the conference I have been working on since last fall) It was determined I needed to create a place for eaters to find farmers and homesteaders to source inputs, and share ideas and events. The website has been an exciting undertaking, and just the other night I added an element to the website which brings it full circle for me.

THE SEASONAL FORK | A weekly-ish guide to what is abundant in my Kootenay foodshed, along with 2 recipes for that weeks flushing crop; one for fresh eatingĀ  and one for putting up for another day! I will be drawing on my years of seasonal recipes, and of course creating new ones. So I hope you will join me at