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July 14, 2014

saskatoon syrup slam

saskatoon berry syrup

Drowning in berries these days? I sure am. I feel barely able to keep up to the picking, let alone the processing!

My saskatoon tree is literally exploding the biggest juicy saskatoon berries I have ever seen! I find these berries a little mealy for my taste, not ideal for smoothies or jam IMHO, BUT dynamite as a jelly / syrup or baked in a pie!

I made a quick saskatoon berry syrup today using a little raw honey and a day of lazy berry dripping.

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July 8, 2014

Snow Pea Summer Stir Fry

Snow Pea Summer Stir Fry

Freshly picked snow peas are perfect in this spicy bowl of early summer flavors! Crunchy Asian cabbage from Ravine Creek Farm,  organic SilverKing Tofu, along with fresh from the garden cilantro, snow peas, and garlic scapes all cooked up in a chili sesame sauce. This is the perfect meal for a summer time patio dining.

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January 25, 2014

maple maca bliss balls

maple maca balls

These represent my favorite flavors in one little healthful mouthful! There is this sweet cafe in a nearly town that sells lots of yummy raw treats and I often find myself with a pocketful of their maca maple balls when my sweet tooth sings to me. This is my bliss ball perfection easy take on those treats. Quick and lovely super-food-rich-guilt-free treats.

In a food processor combine:

2 cups unsweetened coconut  (+ more to roll the balls in after)
4 tbsp coconut oil1/4 cup raw honey1/4 cup maple syruppinch of sea salt1 tbsp black maca powder1/4 cup hemp seeds (hulled and organic)splash of vanilla

Process until your mixture begins to ball.
Portion bliss mix into small bite size balls by rolling them in your palms, then toss in a small bowl of coconut to fully coat the balls.
Allow to rest in a cool place for 30 minutes, they dig in!


December 16, 2013

pakora perfection


So the other day while my daughter and I were making doughnuts I figured we might as well stack our deep fry functions and make some pakoras to go with the killer pot of chicken curry that was waiting for us in the slow cooker. These turned out perfect and were actually really easy to make.

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December 3, 2013

holiday baking ideas…

I know some of you are chomping at the bit to get some holiday baking done, and that is why I have highlighted some of my all time favorite recipes for sweet holiday cheer. I’ll have plenty of new recipes to share starting next week. Some of these are vegan, some gluten free, some so buttery and wheat-y you’ll feel like your at grandmas.


Rosemary brown butter shortbread-cookies


Dreamy coconut pecan date bliss balls

lemon ginger pillows

Lemon ginger meringues


Scandinavian rosettes


Ginger Blissmas

buckwheat pear loaf

Ginger pear chocolate buckwheat loafs

cinnamon buns

OMG cinnamon bun madness

chocolate pretzel almond bark

Chocolate almond pretzel bark


Truffle kisses chocolate mousse

vegan nut butter truffle balls

Vegan nut butter truffle balls

perfect pumpkin pie

Pumpkin luv’in pie


Marvelous ginger marmalade

Now where to start?

November 22, 2013

chocolate oat bars

choclate oat bars

Easy no bake energy boosters, not too healthy not too sweet, just right for a simple treat.

In a double boiler melt

1 cup of almond butter

1 cup coconut oil

2 cups chocolate chips

a splash of vanilla

Once melted mix into a bowl of:

2 cups rolled oats

1 cup coconut

1/2 cup cacao chips

pour mixture into lined pan, portion with  ice cream scoop, or press into chocolate or mini muffin molds, set in fridge and serve.

I decided to pour half the mixture into a terrine pan lined with parchment and sprinkle with some beautiful coconut chips, the rest I poured into some really lovey little flower cast iron molds I had. So cute.

no bake chocolate flowers

November 3, 2013

green tomato ketchup

more green tomatoes

This time of year is sleepy and chilly in the garden and there are only a few bits and bobs still needing attention… namely the green tomatoes (and some more sauerkraut). I already put up my favorite green tomato “verde salsa” en mass, and the whole monitoring of endless green tomatoes is a little to exhausting for me, so I opted to can a big batch of ketchup, green tomato ketchup that is. I still have a few pounds of green toms to consider but the stress of the sorting and storing is all nicely put up in pint jars, whew.  Apparently this recipe goes really well with tourtiere and other such meaty dishes, and is pretty popular in Quebec. This batch got me thinking about the holidays with all this tourtiere talk… I think i might finally try my had at a French Canadian classic meat pie this year. I have been making my own ketchup for a few years now, and this green tomato spin was calling for me to give it ago. I read a half dozen well reviewed recipes and settled on my own seasoning blend, the results were bright and hot and really well spiced… I can see that meat pairings would be nice here.

I also had a good yield of still-not-red cayenne peppers which I pulled from the green house in my final fall clean and decided to flush this recipe with some unknown heat elements… turns out, though not ripe and red the peppers were still pretty kicking, which I love.

green tomato ketchup

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October 19, 2013

sweet potato skillet pie

sweet potato skillet pie

This recipe is the origin of so many amazing adventures in my life. I recall always disliking Thanksgiving dinner as a child… I didn’t eat meat, I hate stuffing, dry potatoes arg, overcooked brussel sprouts… all bad things. One year my aunt brought to dinner something that changed my life forever… a baked mashed sweet potato dish covered in sugar coated pecans… finally FLAVOR for a holiday meal! I started making it myself as a teenager and really amped up the seasonings, I played with maple coated nut toppings and loved it all. It soon became the dish I always brought to the festive meals… that and the turkey later on, as I would seek out sustainable happy turkey farms and drive for hours and pay top dollar to deliver a raw fresh bird to whom ever was hosting the big family dinner that year, just so I could indulge in turkey and gravy along with my sweet potato pie!

This sweet potato pie dish welcomed me to the world of sharing food with folks, presenting a truly stand out dish and soaking up the oohs and ahhs. From there I was hooked on nourishing people with really tasty foods! Fast forward many years and when I was opening my second bakery and was developing vegan and gluten free recipes I decided one day to plop a couple cups of holiday left over sweet potato pie into the mixer… that moment the famous Pure vegan Sweet Potato Pow cookie was born. Here is a revised version of that killer cookie recipe and a little more of the story, but back to the pie…

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October 19, 2013

green tahini dressing on falafel salad

green tahini dressing on falafel salad

OMG my fear of all things white and creamy have had me avoiding tahini most of my life, admittedly  I still do when eating out as so often it is mixed with yogurt which I still can’t manage to eat… But the other night I made a killer batch of homemade falafels with sesame seeds and all sorts of crunchy deliciousness, and imagined the dinner needing a bit of a dressing to appease my sweet heart who drowns his falafel in all sorts of white sauce. This killer green tahini dressing was born and I just have to share it with you all, because it is so very good!

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October 18, 2013

lactose fermented hot sauce

fermented hot sauce

Oh this might be even better than the lactose fermented pickles my family LOVES. I have been longing & trying to make this hot sauce for two years. Making this both a long time coming, and so worth the wait. This stuff is fabulous.

I am getting sucked into the world of fermenting, it’s slippery slope I have to warn you!

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October 16, 2013

asian lake fish soup

asian fish soup

I have a huge backlog of recipes to get through, boy the harvest time is busy!

Last week my sweetie came home after a long day of fishing with the boys with 2 lovely and large fresh lake Dolly Vardens, which as I understand are land locked salmon, they are a little oilier than salmon and even yummier. I don’t buy fish ever, if you want to know why check this out. I miss eating fish a whole lot so when we go fishing and come home with fresh caught lake fish I sure try to make the most of all of it! I also decided to fillet these lovely fish myself, thankfully youtube guided me through the process and I can’t believe how much easier it was to do than I imagined. First night I oven roasted 1 fillet with a thick coat of grainy mustard, maple syrup and garlic, yum! The I started the fish stock. I boiled down the spines and tails and all the boney bits and fins with some onion and garlic all night and much of the next day. After straining the result was a deeply rich fish stock to build this aromatic Asian inspired soup with.

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October 8, 2013

scalloped squash + such


squash gratin

I was craving scalloped potatoes the other day, and as I still haven’t dug my potatoes out yet I decided to make a hybrid harvest spin on the comfort food I was aching for. I used rich nutty chickpea flour to create a thick garlic sauce to ooze into the layers of squash, onions, rainbow chard and carrots. I picked up a few packs of really amazing goat feta the other day and blended that with blanched chard to create a couple lasagna inspired layers in this dish. As I was making it I was reminded of that killer vegan cashew “cheese sauce” I made a while back, and how easily that could be used to make this dish both vegan and gluten free!

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September 24, 2013

harvest wedding desserts

wedding dessert

Please excuse my absence over the past while, our friends equinox country wedding has taken over my culinary life for a time. I had the great pleasure of baking all of the desserts for their local harvest feast, along with the wedding cake, and some lovely condiments to go along with the exceptional charcuterie table, whole hog roast and the stunning seasonal dinner Chris Cho of Ayden Kitchan and Bar rolled.

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August 22, 2013

red pepper white bean dip

white bean dip

yum this dip is so nice and easy it’s perfect for dunking or as a dollop on a noddle / rice salad bowl!

In a food processor combine until silky smooth:

2 cups cooked white beans

3 heaping Tbps Italian red pepper spread

3 cloves of garlic

1 small yellow onion

3 tbsp tahini

splash of lemon juice + red wine vinegar

Glug of olive oil

Sea salt

A pinch each of paprika and cayenne

Garnish with a dollop of red pepper spread and a drizzle of nice olive oil. Enjoy.

August 16, 2013

lactose fermented dill pickles

lactose fermented dill pickles

I just came home after a few days canoeing the lake to yet another bushel of pickling cucs needing my attention! With some conventional dills under my belt as well as a batch of fridge pickles already this season, I opted to try my hand at a big ‘ol batch of fermented pickles… which are about the easiest thing ever! I added a few grape leaves from the vines to help keep them crunchy, and after finding the perfect big jar / weighted lid situation I was off to the races.

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July 25, 2013

raspberry ringer

raspberry ringer

This frozen dessert is so simple there is no way it should taste this fresh and lovely. Your just 3 ingredients away from something that screams summer and takes no time at all to prepare. We just just picked 2 huge baskets of raspberries and I planned to make a gluten free berry cake in this sweet little vintage cake pan, but the very thought of turning the oven on yesterday had me feeling faint… instead I threw a few things in the stand mixer, made a pink puddle and froze it in the spring form pan, viola… raspberry frozen dessert!

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July 18, 2013

perfect thai style curry

easy thai yellow curry

Honestly this might be the easiest, tastiest and most authentic tasting Thai style yellow curry I have ever had let alone made! This perfectly punchy sauce was made in a wide mouth mason jar with my handy immersion blender using only a few simple ingredients. The veg can be what ever you have on hand and of course you could add meat or fish or tofu, served over steamed rice you’ll think you were on a beach in Thailand… trust me this is ridiculously good!

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July 12, 2013

snap pea + strawberry salad

snowpea strawberry salad

Nothing screams English garden to me as much as green peas and strawberries! And they both are flushing in my yard right now. This bright and sweet salad is entirely from a mid day wonder around the yard (with the exception of a small walla walla onion), the dressing is made with that yummy saskatoon syrup I made last week, blended into a zippy balsamic vinegarette.

Combine leafy and bitter greens with fresh mint leaves, toss in handfuls of fresh strawberries and handfuls of fresh snow peas garnish with razor thin slices of yellow onion and then drizzle with this rich berry blissful dressing:

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July 7, 2013

quinoa cake + saskatoon berry syrup

chocolate quinoa cake with saskatoon syrup

My dear friend turned 50 this weekend, and I had to make a show stopping cake to help her celebrate in style. I decided on making that lovely chocolate quinoa cake I made a couple weeks back, and to go all out  I made two batches of cake and opted for a coconut milk chocolate mousse center finished with a stellar Saskatoon berry syrup. Then the whole cake got a coconut oil butter cream chocolate frosting and a final raw cacao nib crumble edge.

The whole cake was gluten free and flour free, and parts of it are vegan, other parts are powered with super foods… And although it is deeply indulgent, on the whole I would say it’s a pretty healthy option as far as chocolate cakes go.

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June 28, 2013

vegan creamy cashew califlower gratin

cashew califlower gratin

My vegan friends, this is a divine sauce straight up I promise you will love this creamy “cheesey” goodness. I opted to celebrate our favorite lactose intolerant intern being away for dinner and added a good amount of sharp cheddar and some smoked bacon to this dish to throw it over the top. But totally unnecessary unless you are living in forced cheese lock down, and need to break out once in a while. This sauce would be a great vegan fondue substitute, and would certainly make killer mac and cheese. Inspiration for dinner tonight came from PPK’s chipotle Brussels sprouts. Soaking and pureeing cashews are the secret behind this rich sauce.  A trick I have never tried before and am so happy to have in my kitchen tool box now.

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June 10, 2013

spruce tip jelly


I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen yesterday  running 3 batches of wild herbal jelly. Mint, Dandelion, and Spruce Tip. What excited me the most was processing some freshly collected spruce tips into jelly. A few weeks back I was sharing some of my dandelion jelly with our friends and they spoke of a traditional dutch jelly made with spruce tips, which had me intrigued. Then a few days ago our local master herbalist was teaching some medicine making techniques and she too mentioned spruce tip jelly, luckily my wild-crafting partner in crime here at the homestead was setting off to Alberta on a harvesting adventure and she keenly returned home with a batch of fresh tender spruce tips ready for canning.  Yeah.

So the plan was to thaw out the dandelion juice I made a few weeks back and put off canning because the weather turned grey and cloudy, make a fresh batch of spruce tip jelly, and finally give some mint jelly a go… I love mint jelly on roast lamb or beef, and I thought a mint jelly would be a nice starting point for some mint sauce. I opted however to make mojito jelly by adding some fresh lime juice to the batch, the next roast beast dinner might call for some rum!

Here is the story of and recipe for spruce tip jelly making …

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May 26, 2013

vegan palak “paneer”


This is a great dairy free take on a garden fresh spinach curry, made with my canned tomatoes and Chamela Giri’s Garam Masala. I used local organic tofu as the paneer and coconut milk to thicken this rich dark curry. For a from scratch curry, this is pretty easy to make. Serve over rice with a garnish of cilantro and your off to the races!

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May 5, 2013

coconut drops

coconut drops

No bake – vegan- gluten free cookies AKA; monkey poo balls, haystacks, cocoa drops, etc…Whatever you call them, this is a redo of an old and easy classic. I made these with no dairy, and no wheat, they take about 10 minutes to make and about an hour to set up in the fridge, they are not to sweet at all, just perfectly balanced with coconut and chocolate.

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April 25, 2013

quinoa dragon bowls with peanut sauce

quinoa satay dragon bowls

Yum! Tonight I whipped up the most fabulous peanut-y satay sauce and it was the perfect addition to some quinoa, tofu, veggie bowls. I wish I had thought to make a cold peanut satay style sauce before now! This stuff is fabulous, I will certainly make this again and again.

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April 10, 2013

vegan nut butter truffle balls

vegan nut butter truffle balls

I promise these are way better for you than they look! These also happen to be extremely quick to make and are a pretty rewarding dessert to serve and enjoy. Inspired by that crazy vegan coconut mousse I made for valentines this year I decided to play off that formula to create these coconut milk and peanut butter chocolate truffle balls.

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April 7, 2013

easy lentil curry soup

easy curry lentil soup

This is so simple, fast and bursting with flavor you can’t help but love this soup! This is more Vegan and Gluten free goodness that sticks to your ribs! Perfect for drizzling cool spring days…

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March 13, 2013

pickled beet dressing

_MG_1059By far this is the most perfectly pink and fabulous dressing ever! I have been trying to use my mother-load of canning up in good order, realizing the first of the dandelion jelly isn’t to far off now, and I need to start making room… and in the midst of no fresh greens in the garden blues, it’s lovely to enjoy the bounty of our summer harvest. I have a great stock of pickled beets and after slicing a pint jars worth of beets up to adorn a winter salad, I wanted to use the sweet acidic syrup to make a luscious pink dressing, and let me say, that no jar of pickled beet juice will ever go to waste again!

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March 6, 2013

seedy lentil pilaf

lentil pilaf

Lentils and rice are so very perfect together, like PB+J, or  nuts and honey, I can’t really devise a lentil dish that doesn’t include rice. And this is no exception, in fact it’s a great example of a really quick hot and satisfying lunch or dinner dish that will keep you going with a little asian type curry influence. Vegan and gluten free, super fuel.

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February 27, 2013

glass tiger noodle soup

creamy thai mushroom soup-6

My sweetie helped me name this soup, as I have no personal memories of Thailand or Vietnam,  I do have a pretty clear memory of seeing Glass Tiger play a concert at Calaway Park as a kid , thankfully  the delishiousness of this asian inspired soup  is not in anyway connected to the bands performance (only in reference to the glass noodles), and in fact I think this soup rocks harder than Glass Tiger ever did! The other big plus is this soup recipe is offering some reprieve from the never ending request for hot and sour soup… finally a substitute. More about hot and sour soup drama here.

This soup is silky and sweet, sour and creamy with some good hot undertones. A great vegan (or non vegan) bowl of goodness, depending on your supply of old roosters; My batch today  was made with rooster stock (from our meanie bird who just departed the barnyard cast this past weekend, he was only good for dog food and soup stock, as he was lean and tough and did I say mean?) BUT of course you can you veggie stock to make it none meaty no problem!

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February 13, 2013

vegan quickie 4 your lover

vegan chocolate mousse

And who doesn’t love a quickie on Valentines Day?

I whipped these uber-super food loaded chocolate coconut milk mousse’s off in about 5 minutes. Lickety-split. Your lover will swoon. Or maybe you cozy up by your self and feel ZERO guilt for eating the whole batch on this hallmark holiday.

Remarkably I was driven to make something nice for my family today even after doing a mega baking stint in the bake shake at the local cafe pimping out the bakery cooler with Valentines Sweets…Did I say pimping? I all out loaded the cooler with dozens of sinful sweets; I pulled out some of my old favorites, but everything got a valentines spin, adored with chocolate hearts, pinked-up with beet root powder galore (which made for a huge pink mess to address) and berry buttercream blissmass-ed.

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February 12, 2013

sweet boston bean soup


Last night I made a big batch of these big bad baked brown beans and today I up-cycled them into this really lovely sweet boston bean soup, in thickness it’s almost chili like, but I am not sure I would call this chili, but I would call this delishious.  I am sure you could cook some kidney beans (or gawd forbid use canned beans) and season them according to the baked bean recipe if you didn’t have left overs on hand. This dish is sweet and smokey, hearty and hot, and best of all it comes together really quickly. In my original baked brown bean recipe I opted to make a meaty-pork version of these beans, but last night I kept things vegan, and used a drizzle of olive oil rather than the bacon drippings.

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January 22, 2013

balsamic fig + currant oat bars

baslamic fig oat bar

A few years ago, my sister-in-law and I made a huge batch of balsamic fig spread after picking stunning figs from her fraiser valley neighbor. I haven’t got my hands on any fresh figs since and my cheese and cracker platers have been missing that sweet spread for so long! Well when I was placing a big bulk grain order with our wholesale organic food supplier I noticed they had dried mission figs for a pretty good price, so I ordered a bag and today I set to work testing out a little batch of jam to see how well they would reconstitute and puree. Success! Sweet balsamic maple success.  This amazing jam needed a perfectly golden baked “oattie” welcome to my pantry so I whipped up an old school (super easy) oat and jam bar.  I will be processing a bigger batch of this jam soon and will post canning details then, for now here is the small quick batch recipe I used, and the details on how to make a lovely oat bar. 

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January 21, 2013

vegan banana rum bread with coconut glaze


I finally got sick of looking at 5 black mushy bananas occupying prime real-estate in my freezer and set them out to thaw… destine for some banana bread of sort. I scanned through my goto banana bread recipes (most of which use sour cream or butter) and opted to experiment with a vegan version. The result was nice and not to sweet, but dense perfectly moist and layered with some lovely tropical flavors… dark spiced rum, coconut, cardamom, apple, and banana. If you don’t have frozen overripe bananas lurking in your freezer and your using freshly browned ones I would recommend you roast them as your bringing the oven up to temp, to add a deeper banana flavor.

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January 10, 2013

coconut hemp couscous

coconut hemp couscous

Sometimes in the middle of winter you just need a sumer-time feeling dish, this recipe is all things bright and citrus, fresh and zippy. With flavors of coconut milk, cilantro, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, jalapeño and winter greens like hearty escarole and artichoke, finished with a hearty sprinkle of hemp hearts this vegan dish would be perfect with a frosty girly drink and you can imagine yourself on a sandy beach somewhere, rather than a snow-covered mountain side!

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December 13, 2012

spelt berries ‘n greens

wheat berries n greens

Wheat-berries are new to me, although I have enjoyed eating them a few times, last night was my first attempt and cooking them, and they couldn’t be easier. After so much pantry eating; meat and potatoes, root veggies and such I was aching for some iron and deep dark greens. (Begrudgingly) I purchased a bunch of dark leafy green kale, and a bag of green beans and set off to sauté them along with caramelized onions, toasted almonds and wheat-berries all drizzled with a little lemon and tamari, kicked off with some ginger and garlic. Mmm glorious greens.

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December 4, 2012

honey mustard beans and tofu

tofu beans and kale

For my veggie friends as promised a lovely bunny free dish. I love the combination of tofu and beans. The crunchy golden fried tofu bits along with melt in your mouth saucy beans, laced with crisp bitter greens. This one of the flavors I desire most.

I used to fret a lot about bean cooking, mainly because I always forgot to soak the beans first, and didn’t plan ahead very well. I have finally got around that by using a pressure cooker, which allows me to cook dried beans in minutes, which means that on a whim I can bang out a beanie meal without breaking a sweat. Sure you can use canned beans, but I find the taste and texture of dried beans much nicer… also I try to avoid brining home extra garbage by way of tin cans, most of which (in fact all but a mean few companies) have BPA liners in the cans, another nasty toxin I try to limit my families exposure to.

So lets start with having 3 cups of cooked white cannellini beans on hand (by whatever means you choose to get them)

Tofu marinate

cube 1/2 block of organic tofu into 1″ pieces

toss in:

2 tbsp grainy mustard

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp tahini

2 tbsp olive oil

squeeze lemon juice


In a large cast iron pan heat up some nice olive oil and brown the tofu until golden, remove from pan and set aside. To the hot pan add a drizzle of olive oil and fry:

1 yellow onion finely chopped

1 clove of garlic or two minced

once golden brown add beans and season with:


squeeze of lemon juice

chili flakes just a pinch

parsley dried or fresh

1 tbsp grainy mustard

add in a pad of butter (or oil)

Toss in a big ‘ol handful of bitter greens, along with a splash of white wine, cover and let simmer and steam for two minutes, before adding the tofu back in. Toss and season if needed with extra S+P

Serve hot and enjoy!

November 6, 2012

chocolate almond pretzel bark

Oh ya!

Bark is so stupid easy to make, and it tastes WAY WAY WAY better than some crappy candy bar filled with GMO corn syrup. This is the real deal: whole organic almonds, sea salt, organic pretzels, and Belgian Callebaut dark chocolate, all perfectly blanketed into bite size bits for the ideal after dinner sweet.

The only mystery about chocolate bark making, comes from tempering process, which is the way to heat and cool and seed chocolate so that your finished  product is set and shiny and without any white milky parts or spots. So here is my simple solution to perfect chocolate bark:

On a parchment lined pan combine:

2 cups of crushed organic pretzel bits with 1 cup of whole almonds and spread them over the pan evenly and sprinkle with 2 heavy pinches of course sea salt. Set aside.

In a double boiler melt:

2 tbsp coconut oil

Then add 4 cups of dark chocolate bits (uniform sized pieces are best)

Stir often and ensure the double boiler isn’t allowing steam to add moister to your chocolate bowl.

You need to gently heat the chocolate to melting point so as not to scotch it, it should reach a MAX temp of 110 F,

Once 90 % of the chocolate is melted remove from heat and continue stirring. This is the cooling and agitating step, that is so essential!

Add 1.25 cups of additional chocolate and stir it until it melts in. Once your mixture is shiny and consistent you have successfully “seeded” your chocolate. If you need it to be more fluid for working with you can warm it gently again.

Now your ready to pour your chocolate over the crunchy bits. Ensure you cover most of the pan with chocolate, then with a silicone spatula push and fold the bits so that your edges are evenly coated and the whole pan appears to be the same depth. Some pieces of nut and pretzel poking through will look nice so don’t fret about every bit.

Allow to set at ROOM TEMPERATURE for about 1 hour, you do not need to refrigerate and in fact you can add to much humidity to your chocolate by cooling it in a fridge.

Once set (and it should be shiny and lovely and snap when broken, not crumble) cut into triangle pieces using a sharp blade. Pack into an air tight jar, or use this easy peasy pleaser as gifts and wrap them up with a bow!

November 5, 2012

pow wow carrot cookie

Sweet Potato Pow.

That was my baking piece-de-resistance. About 11 years ago I was developing vegan and gluten free recipes for my new organic wholesale bakery when I created the most amazing vegan cookie ever!  People still talk about it and just for fun, I googled it, and found a number of bloggers trying to replicate this baby! It is truly a knock out cookie. I sold the company years ago, and signed all sorts of legal agreements swearing me to cookie secrecy, which as it turned out was unnecessary because I lost my book of test recipes, and sadly and have never been able to recreate the prefect batch of pows until now!

This months Burwell General Store recipe swap called for a carrot pie, that recipe read a whole lot like a sweet potato pie I used to make for holiday meals, and in fact that pie is how I ended up creating my famous sweet potato pow cookies… which got me thinking.. how about some sweet roasted carrot pows? Oh ya.

Just 1 attempt and it yielded the perfect ‘just like the old days batch of intensely deep roasted soft chocolatey nutty parcels of carrot heaven! The smell really took be back to days of baking in the BIG kitchen in high heals rushing off to some big sales gig! ‘Ha ha what a long way from that I am now, as I duck out in my wellies to feed the chooks!

Here is the original recipe challenge:

* I should disclose that although my statute of limitations has long since passed, this isn’t the exact recipe we used back at the factory… but for a from scratch off the top of my head after 5 years of not mixing a single batch of this dough, it’s damn close and just as wonderful as the original was! Now without further ado, here is your ticket to roasted carrot POW WOW vegan cookie perfection:

slow roast

4 large carrots at 350 until fork tender (try to keep them from blackening)

puree the carrots skin and all along with 2 tbsp of molasses

In a stand mixer combine:

3/4 cup coconut oil

3/4 cup organic cane sugar

1 tbsp homemade vanilla

once well mixed add 1 1/4 cup carrot puree

scrape down the sides of the bowl and incorporate:

2 cups of sifted spelt flour

1 tsp each bs+ bp

1 Tbsp cinnamon

1 tsp each: nutmeg, clove and all spice


1 cup of the best quality dark chocolate you can afford

1 cup pecan pieces

combine gently (don’t over mix)

Portion dough on to parchment lined baking sheet and bake at 300 for about 20, until the bottoms are just toasted and the tops no longer appear wet. Allow to cool completely before you start shoveling them into your mouth one of two cookies at a time. This is a big batch so be sure to share lots, make some new friends!


Make sure you take some time to enjoy all the other recipe swap challengers take on this carrot pie!

October 16, 2012

pine mushroom pad thai

One of my favorite things about fall is mushroom hunting! This is my third year foraging for fungi and I just can’t get enough of this edible past time. My daughter and I took the fall mushroom class again this year, and finally I think some of this crazy mycelium is sticking in my mind! Me and the Chanterelles were on the same wave length, I could truly sense where they were, and found myself lifting bits of forest duff only to find a lovely chanterelle ready to burst out! What luck. Last night we enjoyed a creamy chanterelle fettucini and last year I made this killer cream of chanterelle soup. But my favorite mushroom of the day was the pine mushroom (Matsutake) . I am hopeless at finding them, but my daughter and her friend (with the help of our guide and local mushroom enthusiast) found a few sweet flushes. We left with a basketful and shared many with our friends and hunting companions.

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September 24, 2012

nectarine salsa : canned

Yummy this recipe is so perfectly versatile! After tasting just one bite of the leftover 1/4 cup that didn’t make it into cans for processing, I was sold and dreaming of a million uses for this sauce, other than the good old corn chip dip!

I was thinking: fruit salsa white bans and rice with coconut breaded tofu, maybe  slow roasted chicken with salsa, my sweetie suggested pizza sauce as he devoured the little left over bit, and promptly requested I get canning another batch!

The original recipe is for peaches, but as nectarines are sister fruit to the peach the swap is an easy one. I made this batch 1.5 times bigger and pumped up the heat, cause I like it hot… but you can replace any number of the hot peppers for sweet ones.

This batch size yielded 6 pints of perfectly hot fruit salsa.

You’ll need:

8 cups prepared peaches / nectarines

3 cups chopped red or white onion

6 jalapeno peppers finely chopped

2 red hungarian wax peppers chopped

3/4 cup loosely packed finely chopped cilantro or coriander

3/4 cup apple cider vinegar

4 Tbsp honey

3 cloves or garlic

1 tbsp cumin

1 heaping tsp cayenne

pinch of sea salt

Pit and chop nectarines, add other ingredients bring to boil in heavy bottomed pot, then boil gently for 5 .min.

Portion into sterilized jar leaving 1/4″ inch headspace.  Process  in hot water bath for 10 min.

Taste, ohh, ahh and then make more!