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December 16, 2013

pakora perfection


So the other day while my daughter and I were making doughnuts I figured we might as well stack our deep fry functions and make some pakoras to go with the killer pot of chicken curry that was waiting for us in the slow cooker. These turned out perfect and were actually really easy to make.

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November 23, 2013

ox tail curry

ox tail curry

I have eaten a good amount of ox tail curry in my life (love it), and since our pig-in-a-day snout to tail cookery and butchery experience I feel like my chef-y odd bit cookery skills are more honed than ever. When my friend brought be a bundle of ox tail bits I was pretty stoked to bust out a curry, and tonight was the night. I knew I had to braise the meat and then pressure cook it for the softest tender beef, and that is exactly what I did. These nubby tail bits were slowly braised in pork lard and a heavy seasoning of salt and my favorite garam masala spice, then set to cook (in my instapot pressure cooker) for a few hours with some frozen whole garden tomatoes, loads of onions, and garlic… the yield was the most insanely moist buttery bits of beef ever! This curry also got a healthy dose of potatoes, peas, more spice and coconut milk for a creamy robust spicy curry, very similar to a vindaloo.

Ox tail isn’t for the faint of heart though! It’s no boiled pig head, but it is a little gnarly, albeit an abundant and cheap cut of meat. It’s a little bit like cleaning a roasted chicken carcass for soup, you need to caress the meat from the bone and sort out the fatty cartilage-y undesirable bits, of which there are about equal amount yuck to yum factors with tail. Totally worth the effort, and in fact the only time I have cooked as buttery melt in your mouth meat was in fact when I was making headcheese, the pork check was divine.

So if you find yourself flush in tail chunks, here is the low down on making a killer curry with them, you won’t soon forget:

ox tails

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May 26, 2013

vegan palak “paneer”


This is a great dairy free take on a garden fresh spinach curry, made with my canned tomatoes and Chamela Giri’s Garam Masala. I used local organic tofu as the paneer and coconut milk to thicken this rich dark curry. For a from scratch curry, this is pretty easy to make. Serve over rice with a garnish of cilantro and your off to the races!

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April 7, 2013

easy lentil curry soup

easy curry lentil soup

This is so simple, fast and bursting with flavor you can’t help but love this soup! This is more Vegan and Gluten free goodness that sticks to your ribs! Perfect for drizzling cool spring days…

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January 25, 2013

masala hash


This dish is a fiery collision between trailer park cooking and indian spices, and it is amazing!

Hash. Maybe this stems from a potato rich european country (Ireland I am looking at you), in theory it sounds simple, even boring, fried meat and potatoes, but man add a dozen layers of indian depth and you are onto something. Starting with roasted sweet potatoes, yams and russet potatoes seasoned with sea salt and Chamela Giri’s garam masala, slathered in ginger spiced vindaloo ground beef and onions garnished with bright fresh cilantro and chunks of creamy avocados. Can you say comfort food. I can’t help but believe you will enjoy this yummy concoction as much as our household did.

This recipe couldn’t be simpler to bring together:

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November 20, 2012

slow cooker curry vindaloo

I could call this meatball curry, but not because the curry has meatballs in it… but because it has our friends cow “meatball” in it, and oh boy is he tasty! I made a leek and potato soup today for lunch and at the same time I filled the slow cooker with my favorite Indian flavors and let the lot cook down for about 6 hours,  upon taking my first bite, I new I had to share this recipe with you all! This might be the best curry I have ever made, you gotta try this!

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October 25, 2012

community chutney

This is the grand prize winning chutney in the salsa ‘n such category of our 1st annual pickle palooza! I called it community chutney because my community supported this deliciousness entirely… I grew some of the ingredients, my friends grew others, yet more friends helped me pick even more of the ingredients from other friends land, and then my friends mom shared her famous (and likely secret) chutney recipe with me. I adapted the recipe to work with the fruit I had in abundance and the results were exceptional! This sweet and zingy chutney is the perfect accompaniment for most any curry or rice dish, meat pie, or any flakey tasty appy that needs dunking. So here is my spin on this fabulous recipe (which I will keep it’s original form a secret for Carol)

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September 17, 2012

chutney canning

I have a “Kootenay Mom” my mother in law appointed our regional mother when we moved to a new province, and far away from our folks. My Kootenay mom is a super woman, her garden is magnificent and her husband and her grow all of their own food for half the year right here in the Kootenays and then pack up their VW bus with all of their homegrown food canned and preserved foods, and head south to live in Mexico for half of the year, where they promptly get canning tropical fruit salsas and chutneys to bring back north with them in the spring. Truly an inspiring year of eating and growing. She has shared so many delicious relishes and chutney with us over the years, and just the other day I called her for her fabulous plum chutney recipe, which I am inclined to share with you all, because it’s great, I am drowning in plums so likely this will not be the last canned plum recipe you see here.

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June 8, 2012

chai chocolate pansy cake

Remember a couple weeks back when I posted this delicious spelt espresso vegan cake recipe, well when I was enjoying a bite of this dense and moist cake I though about how great it would be with chai spice rather than espresso, and so I busted one out to take to a lovely dinner party, and I was right… it was FABULOUS with a spicy chai kick. My daughter picked little purple pop up pansies from all over the garden and they were the perfect finish for this divine vegan dessert.

I didn’t tweak too much from my original post but I did double the batch to yield a whopping 12” spring form pan that made for 12 hearty portions (easily could have served 24)

I used in this recipe both a chai concentrate liquid as well as a chai spice blend. If you don’t have both I am sure just the concentrate (or a stiff brewed chia tea) would do, but you may want to add a pinch of a few chai essential spices from your pantry; especially cardamom and cinnamon and clove.

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April 7, 2012

cauliflower potato and tofu curry

This curry is so lovely and easy to make. Super similar to this garden grown korma recipe…. just with more last days of winter veggies in it. A straight forward vegetarian curry with punchy traditional flavours sowly bubbled on the stovetop for about 45 minutes. Best served with rice and roti.

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March 7, 2012

kale + goat palak

Curry goat is among my top 5 foods of all time, right up there next to: poutine, yorkshire pudding, sunwarmed raspberries, + roasted duck. So tonight was a real treat. I bought some spinach naan in town today and oven warmed them to be served along with basmati rice (yes I busted out the white rice for a truly authentic Indian feast) and this rich goat gravy. The gift of goat meat came from my milkmaid back road buddy who taught me how to make cheese a while back. Not only are her little billy goats cute and sweet they are awfully tasty too, poor dears… They ooze the adorableness that makes the statement “your so cute I could eat you” really hit home!

Ohh I just love when my house smells like ginger and curry and garlic and chilli… and cute billies.

So to make this amazing goat palak you will need some goat (or lamb) and some garam masala, this is my favourite blend, from Chamela Giri. You will also need a pinch of patience, because as the aroma fills your house it will be hard to resist eating out of the pan as it simmers and thickens away.

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February 18, 2012

channa masala guyanna style

My otha’ momma back in high school, was from Guyanna, she is a wonderful cook and about the best ‘best friends momma’ you could ask for. She made some killer pepper sauce, curry chicken, salt fish, and my favourite of her specialities roti. She tried guiding us girls through the roti making process one day but I think the beers got away with us, and none of the lesson really stuck, one recipe however has stuck with me all these years and that’s Pam’s chickpea green onion channa.

The other night I was having a mad craving for some spice, heat and ethic flavours so I made a little vegetarian west Indian feast, complete with spelt roti and while it wasn’t the best I have ever made it still perfectly bundled up the yummy purple yams and carrots I slowly roasted slathered in Chamelea Giri’s Garama Masala spice blend (check out her etsy shop), and Pam’s channa masala.

I don’t have the luxury of having a jar of Pam’s scotch bonnet pepper sauce in my pantry, so I used the next best thing; a locally made killer crazy hot Caribbean pepper sauce, and the results were simply perfect. We just needed rum and cola and some soul grooves to bring it all together.

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October 7, 2011

my garden grew this korma

Look at this happy harvest! My first ever cauliflower (which I started from a wee seed indoors in the dark of winter) a stunning eggplant another first for this gardener, sunny tomatoes, hearty onions, garlic, sweet bell peppers, crazy hot peppers, and cilantro all cozied into a pot with a rich creamy curry sauce, what a great fall meal.

Lots of people get really scared off making curry because they think they need to have a million spices and hours and hours of prep… and yes this is true in most cases,  for years I made my own butter “chicken” spice blend that was made up of 15 different spices, I also used to toast and grind my own whole cumin seeds, and yes it took a lot of the day to make the perfect curry dish. But here is the good news;  you really just need 4 key things that maybe you don’t have on hand.. but once you do, your off to the races and you can take on most any curry after that!

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June 7, 2011

roasted eggplant and veggie masala

You are only 25 minutes away from a divine roasted indian kissed veggie dinner, that you won’t soon forget. And if you think you hate eggplant maybe you just haven’t had it drown and browned in oilve oil and garam masala.

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May 9, 2011

garam roasted pineapple & yam

Mmm my whole house smelled fabulous as these veggies and pineapple chunks roasted away in sweet juice sending wafts of garlic, cumin, cardamon and ginger throughout my home. I think I could happily sustain myself on a diet of grilled pineapple alone…. provided I lived in a climate where it was sustainable to grow my own pineapple that is! Until then it is a guilty pleasure with a heavy carbon footprint indeed. One I indulge in very rarely but do so enjoy, especially with a spicy chilli kicker.

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March 28, 2011

simple split pea chaat masala soup

A savory and warm split pea soup with smoky cumin and masala spices: vegan, vegetarian, gluten and wheat free.

Why is it I always forget how much I adore pea soup until it reaches my mouth? I fall in love all over again every time I taste it. I think I have only made pea soup once before but today was the day for batch number 2.

This soup took very little input it just bubbled away most of the afternoon smelling fabulous.

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April 22, 2010

Oven Roasted Cumin Cauliflower & Chick Pea Quinoa

* Can you tell I am on a crazy quinoa kick? I can’t get enough of it! Did you know that quinoa is really high in protein, fiber, phosphorus, and balanced amino acids. Also it is one of the most ancient grains on the planet, of course it is also Gluten free and even if you don’t have gluten sensitivity, the grain itself is really easy on the digestive system. It is the perfect grain, and I keep replacing pasta, and rice with it in lots of my favorite dishes.

This dish in particular was SO easy and looks a little bland, BUT it was a super hit at my house, and the flavors were bright and punchy, with a really nice roasted smokey balance.

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February 15, 2010

Coconut curry noodle bowl, with baby bok choy and cauliflower

I use my favorite brand of GF noodles SOBA KING (the ones in the beautiful frosted bags) to make this super comforting curry bowl. The noodle’s I made today were a blend of organic corn and rice in a small spaghettini size, which is really great for soaking up lots of flavour!

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