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December 11, 2013

Kitchen Aid killed my holiday baking :(


I have a sad story to tell you all…

Remember last year when I was swooning over my new fancy birthday oven? My sweetie bought me a really really nice convection oven last year and for at least 2 months I was head over heals in love with my new range and all it’s fancy features. The honeymoon was over when the back burner stopped working and I was taken aback that the quality of this product was so low that I had to have a technician out so soon after my purchase.  Within a week of that burner failing the shatter incident happened, where a teeny tiny bottle fell on my stove and it shattered into a million pieces 😦 TRAGEDY. I was out of pocket a few really big bills, and started living in total fear of breaking another cook-top. I have become OCD, and in fact my new kitchen design features no cabinets above the stove, no storage what so ever, to prevent another shattering if you can believe it. Imagine redesigning your kitchen to lose cupboard space around the fear that your stove will break again.

Just the other day, just as the temperature started to drop my urge to bake for warmth was building when I noticed the clock display was blank on my oven…

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