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February 19, 2013

brownie double tap

double tap brownie-6

I think we can mostly all agree that everyone loves brownies; fudgey dense chocolately squares, rich and dark… not to cakey, certainly not under-baked and gooey. Now when your imagining the perfect brownie what could make it even more perfect, aside from a fudgey frosting? What about a second layer of brownie, and yet another slap of frosting. Let me attest that a brownie double tap does indeed make for an even more perfect brownie, especially when your recipe (like this one) makes the quintessential brownie.

I didn’t actually set out to make a two layer brownie, but sometimes in the kitchen you just go with the flow and remarkable things happen. I knew this recipe would fill a 9×13 pan… but frankly I really dislike the rounded corners of pyrex bakeware and I opted to use my smaller rectangle tart pan with a scalloped edge and a push through bottom (which makes for dreamy presentation). Because of this I had about 1/4 of the batter left over and decided to add to it 1/3 cup of strong cold coffee, whisk well and bake off in a smaller rectangle tart pan. Ta-Da brownie slab was born.

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