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January 9, 2010

fishy business

So once upon a time I was a happy Pescatarian (vegetarian that ate fish and seafood) and then I stumbled on the book bottomfeeder by Taras Grescoe and it really shook my entire principals of eating! I am however a pretty easy convert I will admit! I don’t need meat, I don’t need sugars, I don’t really miss eating junk food or fast food, and once I get an idea in my head from any reasonable source about a corrupt system, company, or a chemical process I really can walk away from ever eating the guilty food again, that goes with cosmetics, cleaners, anything!

That said this book really changed my understanding of the seas and I delved deeper into the subject of depleting seafood, toxic seas, black market fish, farmed fish, even shark and whale welfare and I found myself drowning in despair. Last night we watched end of the line a documentary which neatly summed up bottomfeeder essentially. It is a horrible story yet wonderfully impact-full to see this made into a documentary which has such a broader audience than a book does… especially for a subject matter we really don’t spend to much time thinking about. Well as a prarie dweller at least I hadn’t. I mean I knew that tuna had mercury concerns and that dolphin were often caught in tuna nets, and I did know that not so long ago the cod fisheries out east collapsed… but I didn’t really change the way I ate because of any of that knowledge (aside from my pregnancy without sushi) Fish seemed to be a food topic I just overlooked! Well that has all changed over the past 7 months…

I can’t begin to summarize what I have learned  over this time but I will recommend some docs + reading and I will not be posting any depleted or endangered fish recipes ever, likely you will not find salmon or shrimp recipes here either. Truthfully I haven’t eaten a piece of fish in forever…but I am challenging myself to cook for the first time; sardines, as they are really the most sustainable fish I can eat. I will post on the results! any who knows it might just be wonderful tasting.

In the mean time download a seachoice app or wallet  guide, and use it to help you vote with your dollars and consume with a conscious.


end of the line

shark water

addicted to plastic (you can watch this whole movie online here)