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July 13, 2012

dangerous waters

I had the great pleasure of fishing last weekend with a master fisherman on my favorite lake in the world. We had a great day with lots of bites and we came home with 10 fine fish; 2 Dolly Vardens, 5 Rainbows, and 3 Kokanee’s. We invited some friends for dinner and enjoyed a great amount of fresh fish, cooked in the oven with great pads of butter, fresh dill from the garden, lemon wedges, garlic scapes, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Mmm what a perfect way to end a day in the boat, after soaking up the sun and swimming in crystal clear waters.

Fish is a real celebration in our house, a meal which we rarely eat, and *never buy. Why? because the oceans are a total mess!

Commercially prepared seafood is laden with scandal, toxins, mis-information, environmental catastrophe, species collapsechem farming and now even radiation. So I use my fork to vote that these methods of bringing fish to the table are NOT for my  family. I am sure some of you think me radical, but why on earth would I serve my family un-safe un-healthy food that is ruining my childs future planet?  I love fish, but we are sticking to eating it only on the rare occasion that we catch it ourselves (or does someone we know) right here in our very clear lakes.

I have ranted about this here in the past (back in 2010): Fishy Business, but feel this issue is important and everyone ought to be aware of what they are eating, always. Now with the onset of radioactive fish and garbage crashing into our coastline it might be a good time to get a little more informed and make some educated decisions for the health of your family.

The world isn’t a safe place, and frankly folks your local grocery store is among the most scary places around. We the consumers are expected to blindly believe that all of the endless-harvest all-seasonal all-animal abundance is packaged and safely managed using sophisticated technologies and ethical practices to bring to the shelves of these mega chain grocers everything our hearts desire everyday of the year at no cost to our planet, our bodies or our future! Geez, I am not buying it (literally).

Come on folks, time to wake up and start making relationships with your food. Grow it, Raise it, Name it,  or at least go and get to know the folks who are doing that all for you, because food is our medicine and our bodies are our temples, time to get smart. Stop trusting these multinational food chain mega corps to keep you nourished and safe, because all they care about is their bottom line.

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