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June 17, 2012

eating the koot’s

Here it is folks, my S.O.L.E.Foodie guild to eating in the Kootenay’s, why? Because so many people ask me where they should recommend their visiting friends go for a meal, and I am always going on about where to eat (and where to avoid) so I decided to make a quick reference guide for visitors and locals on my favorite foods spots in and around this area. This certainly isn’t all inclusive of the good and bad food around, just my favorite food stomping grounds!

Winlaw: Sleep is for Sissie’s, this is my top pick of the two restaurants in Winlaw. Sissies offers fresh food that is mostly organic and local, which means a lot! Plus the bakers are cute and they pump out the “good-est” goodies around ;). There is live music often and the timber framed building offers great views and atmosphere, excellent for weekend breakfasts, healthy lunches and amazing dinners.

New Denver: Sandrella is my pick for summer time food. They make crepes and delicious gelato, and while most of it is conventional fare how can you go wrong with a nutella, PB and banana crepe? Also if you can manage to make your visit to New Denver on a Friday morning / early afternoon, you can take a wonder through the farmers market, and there is always some great baked goodies to be had there.

Sandon: Pack a picnic! If you are exploring this historic ghost town there are ZERO services here not even a vending machine, but it is a lovely stop, with great photo ops, exploration and hiking trails! Some smart food truck operator should make note and set up here for the summer season!

Nakusp: Slim picking for really good food here but we were lucky enough to stumbled into Karl’s Woodfire Pizza N’More on the “main” street only to discover they offered a GREAT selection of German beers on tap, which paired perfectly with a fresh woodfired thin crusted pizza.

Now I do have one other food item I must mention for the sake of my sweetie… there is a European bakery deli (no idea what it is called but it is on the east most end of the main drag on the south side of the road) they makes a crazy pork 3 ways breakfast sandwich (frankly the very thought of makes me sick) It’s called the boss hoss and if you are a tried and true meat eater and you aren’t afraid of conventional meat or heart failure you may just love this as much as my guy does. It’s a ham and cheese bun (freshly baked in house) stuffed with bacon, eggs, cheese and sausage, then slathered in a gooey white sauce. Seriously he says it’s pork-a-lishious.

Halcyon Hotspring: Now this is a hot spring resort with a killer restaurant; Kingfisher! We love this place… I would pick this for a fancy night out time and time again, even though it’s 2 hours away! The chef is ace and the menu is local fresh and exciting. The lunch menu is really reasonably priced for high quality food, while the dinner menu is a little more dear, but they are putting out great meals, perfectly executed, with local seasonal ingredients. Enough said. They have won my heart a few times. 2013> UPDATE since writing this the chef we loved has come and gone, we have twice been back with lack luster results. Not sure I will return for a great meal, but it’s also the only thing around. Not sooo bad, but not the glorious experience we had in past.

Nelson: As Nelson is a big place I have a number of recommendations…

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