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January 29, 2011

Rant about safe food

It has been a while since I had a good blog rant and it’s about time…

My day today started as I read a through a number of awfully sad reports on the state of GMO and the misguided USDA partnership with my favorite Goliath company Monsanto’s, seems that Whole Food Market (the leading Natural Food Store in the US) is also in bed with the monster, and somewhere along the way this trusted brand representing organic clean and safe foods gave into profits and has made a fortune duping it’s consumers selling GMO conventional crops under their all natural banner.

GMO food is terrifying for so many reasons: it is having detrimental effects on humans, water, soil, animals, air and ozone. Simply put allowing multinational companies like Monsantos and Dow to decide that their profits are more important than our lives is criminal, and furthermore these multinational’s have gone so far as to create legislation to protect their profits. Both the Canadian and the US government have been bought and they have turned a blind eye to human welfare for the mighty buck.

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January 11, 2010


Truly you will find corn in just about every processed food item and conventional meat product you eat.

This is because corn = cheap sugar, filler and feed. Corn is cheap simply because it is subsidized by the US government to be grown on a massive scale as a monoculture in a chemical dependent militarized industry. Corn production in the US represents a backwards and petroleum greedy way of getting food to the masses: rather than growing food for humans to eat, a genetically modified commercial grade of corn is grown which cannot be consumed by humans until it is transported, refined and then transported again only to be added into foods as a non nutritional additive in everything from soda to gravy mix. Not only is this way of growing and feeding humans unsustainable it is horribly dependant on gas and petrochemical fertilizers, well those and cattle too, as feedlots are the number one consumer of this commercial corn. Except cattle are ruminants (which means they eat grass, and there bellies are made to digest grass, not corn!) But this subsidized “cheap” corn is a more cost effective and transportable way to feed unimaginably huge feed lots full of hungry cows (CAFO’s). These cows must meet the needs of the consumers who want beef to be fat and huge and marbled! Because of this cheap food, cattle are fed a constant stream of meds and antibiotics to keep them alive and there stomachs tolerating corn just long enough to get them to slaughter. So now the consumer can then buy cheap beef, which is about 8 times fatter than meat from grass fed cattle, making the burgers 8x higher in saturated fats…mmmm.

There is something seriously wrong with this picture! All of these costly inputs (gas, chemicals, energy, pollution, animal welfare, pharmaceuticals, and tax payers hard earned cash) go into making foods which are really low quality causing dangerous health concerns (diabetes, heart disease, and obesity to name a few)

The industrialized food system is a scary place, Here are some of the eye opening books and movies on this subject you should look into:

Recommended Docs: most of these you can watch as streaming video by going to

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