S.O.L.E. the summary

I began this blog back in December 2009 and at the time the below summarized the direction of eating with SOLE, now however my adventures have brought me one step closer to being my own food production system. My family and I moved from the rat race of Cowtown alberta to the Slow-as-you-can Kootenay Valley in BC where growing, preparing and preserving real food has become my daily life. The below all still apply however for a more up to date overview of this blog check out this post !

S – Seasonal

O – Organic

L – Local

E – Ethical

These are my mandates for healthy eating. I love food, flavours and cooking. I consider myself an Ethicarian although I have been both a omnivore and vegetarian before, but my real focus is eating food which nurtures my family and supports local growers who practise sustainable methods of farming.I certainly have a bit of an obsession when it comes to researching conventional food production and it’s devistating impact on the health of our world.  So this is my adventures in learning, cooking, consuming, growing and indulging in S.O.L.E. Foods.

I hope this inspires you too…

BIG BUT… If you are typo copy nazi, this blog is really NOT for you.. I will infuriate you to no end.  Simply I am here to get the word out and share my ideas, not by grammar skills. FAIR WARNING*

8 Comments to “S.O.L.E. the summary”

  1. Hi Shauna,

    My name is Joanne Grimble and I have started a company called Tasty Life in Canmore Alberta. I make and sell Raw Food products and have just opened the business as of Tomorrow! I am currently sourcing local organic produce for my recipes and was hopng you could point me in the right direction.

    I appreciate any information you could forward and if you would like to visit our location anytime we are located 109-1205 Bow Valley Trail in Canmore and we are open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 11am-7pm. My partner in the business is named Samantha Peris and operates NuRoots nutritional counselling and cooking classes.

    Joanne Grimble
    403 679 0232

  2. Dear Shauna,
    You are a true inspiration to all, I love you so much!

  3. Dear Shauna,

    You show such inspiring recipes and pictures. If you wish to come and play with our organic tropical fruits and vegetables, perhaps create new recipes, most welcome!

    Kind regards,

    Ketsanee Seehamongkol, Dokmai garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    • Thanks so much for your warm comments and invitation!
      I have a lot of food to grow this season, before we do any travelling, but your place looks like a fantastic foodie heaven. I would love to have a tropical isle in my garden 🙂

  4. Dear Shauna, Is there any place you know of where I could buy the Doukhobor style Borscht and have it shipped to the US?? I used to enjoy it so much when I lived near BC but now I am in Arizona, US and no one knows what I am talking about. Help!
    Judy Reed

  5. I have made it a personal goal for August to discover a new blog/blogger friend every day. Today I searched Gluten-Free Recipes and found your raspberry tart with chickpea crust. I am really excited about checking out and trying all of your recipes! Love your site!

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